Anyone 36 And Pregnant

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Leesa - August 9

I have a 20 month old and I am pregnant with number 2 and due in April 2006....


K - August 9

Hi Leesa, I'm 36 and prego with my first! I'm due March 17 & from NJ.


Leesa - August 10

Congrats K! St Pats Baby! :) I am from Chicago, IL!


Penny - August 10

Hey there- Im 36 and this is my 3rd (my two boys are 10 and 12).......Yes what the hell and I doing :) Anyway everything has been smoothe so far, however this one seems to be more difficult, I'm more sick ect....but "she" is healthy and doing great. I'm 32 weeks, and counting down now :)


Yuri - August 11

Hello there!! I am also 36 and pregnant with number 2, due as well for April 2006!!! My daughter is 11yo, so for me is not that simple. Please write to me on my mail [email protected] Good luck!!!


Gina 12-27-05 - August 11

I am 38 and pregnant w/ no. 5.


mother777 - August 21

hello i am 39 and pregnant with my third. my other two are 16 and 12


Carolyn - August 22

I'm 37 and 28 weeks pregnant with my first. I'm due Veteran's Day, Nov 11th.


R - August 22

I'm 37 and pregnant with my fifth(Yikes!). I'm due on Saturday.


mother777 - August 22

leesa you are not alone. there are lots of us.


Louisa - August 26

I'm 36 turning 37 by my due date (February 23). Just barely though My Birthday is February 5th. I have a 13 year old son.


Yvonne - August 26

I'm 36 due late Feb. My youngest is 2yrs & 3mo. I


Linda - August 28

I am 36 and expecting in late Feb. I have a 13 yo and an 8 yo. This was very unexpected! But we are very excited. This is my boyfriends 1st child and who knows we might decide to have another!


Jamie - August 29

39 pregnant with number 6. 20 years my Marine 16 14 3 and 16 mos.


Melissa - August 29

I am pregnant at 36 with my first baby. Due date Feb 8. Good Luck to you Leesa


Jamie - August 29

Dont you just love it when we are reffered to as Advanced Maternal Age? It's great that so many women are having children later in life, I hope Im not the only 42 year old when my dd starts Kindergarten or the only 60 year old when my youngest graduates. LOL


Been There - August 31

Hi, I'm 36 and due May 8, 2006 (my wedding anniversary), right before my 37th birthday. I have two daughters (12 & 7), so we are trying this one last time for a boy. I will spoil and cherish this new baby no matter what his or her gender is. With so many of us still going are starting at this age, there is no way we'll be the only mature women at graduation.



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