Anyone 42 And Pregnant

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scared - October 18

is anyone 42 and pregnant and scared to death that something will be wrong with the baby?? im 16 weeks and im scared.


niki - October 18

Hi, congragulation i am 42 too,i had miscarrage on Apr,now i am trying again,i am sure,i will be pregnenet,enjoy and please dont scare,pray for me.


Leeanne - October 19

You and me both "scared" I am to have an amniosentesis next month, We (my husband and I) opted out of all other tests as they only give percentages. I am 42, 43 at the birth in April 2006. I want these next couple of weeks to hurry along so I can be sure if where I am at, and start to plan our nursury and get more excited about it. Good luck to you, hope all goes well


Debbie - October 19

I am 42 today and I am about 5 weeks pregnant. I didn't plan to be pregnant at 42 but my husband and I wanted two children. It took me two years to get pregnant with my son and now it's been another 2 yrs to get pregnant again. My first pregnancy went smoothly and I am positive that this one will go as smoothly. Keep yourself thinking positive and enjoy your pregnancy. Congratulations and good luck!


kim - October 21

Glad to hear of other women over 40 that are pregnant. I am 45, I had a miscarriage back in Apr. and trying again. The only problem I seem to have is my progesterone levels are low and my OB/GYN has me on 200 mg of Prometrium. Any of you taking this? Please don't be scared. I know - easier said than done - but the more you stress and worry the more stress you put on the baby. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Theresa - October 22

I'm 42 and I have just missed my period and I am "scared to deat" I have not tould my husband or any one yet I don't know what to expect. we were not planning on any more childern and they no longer do deliverys at the hospital near me. but I know it will all work its self out in the end just try to keep thinking positively. Congragulation and Good luck


Lin - October 27

im 42 yrs old and 33 weeks pregnant.. I havent had a baby in 15yrs... I was pregnant when I was 41 but had a misscarige then 3 months later pregnant again.. Ive had the AFP testing which came back positive, usualy does when you are our age.. so I went ahead for the 2d sonogram which was perfectly normal. It was not recommended for me to have a amnio because Im a hepat_tis C carrier, blood tests positve but never had any symptoms.. Anyway I was and still am worried.. doctor said 80% chance baby will be normal and healthy, so Im still praying, but now that Ive gotten this far im more at ease.. besides there is no turning back now. I did go for the optional 4d sonogram when I was 29 weeks, I was also worried about cleft palate but relived to see everything looked great. My only complaint comfort wise id that im carrying small but the baby is normal size, my abdomin is so tight that when the baby moves sometimes it actualy hurts.. wondering if anyone else experienced this.. You will be fine and dont worry about AFB results most are false positive.. Good luck and join the over 41 club lol


nancy - October 27

Hi I'm 43 & 6 weeks pregnant. We have a beautiful soon to be 3 year old son and I too am scared, but I think I was more scared when I didn't think we could have another baby - now that I am pregnant I find myself holding back my excitement. But to tell you the truth, when I'm quiet and think through my heart and not my head - I know my baby will come & will be healthy - I have to think that way...or this will not be the miracle it is. Thanks for everyone being here - it helps so much to know there are other moms my age that WILL have healthy babie in 2006!


nancy - October 27

oops - - and 2005 too! (that was for Lin!)


niki - November 3

I am 42 and i had a miscarrage before and now i am trying to be pregnenet about 3 months but it didnt happen yet,this is first my child,i am sad and i dont know what do i do? we had s_x with intercourse 7 days after my last perioud,but nothing yet,if you have any advic eplease tell me,i wait for your reply.


Lin - November 3

Niki, Dont worry, the same thing happened to me, 41 yrs old and tryed, had a misscariage a blight ovam.. We waited 3 months then tried, but didnt get pregnant was about to give up but 4th month it happened. Im now 33 weeks pregnant.. Just relax dont try so hard and it will happen.


Lin - November 3

Niki, by the way my period ended March 14th and I concieved March 27th So 7 days may not be enough


niki - November 3

hi lin, Thanks ,i waited 3 months then we tryed,now is the third month ,but nothing,i heard if man is on the top and woman shouldnot lie flat after intercourse,they help,if you have any advice for me about this,please tell me.I wait.


nancy - November 3

Hi Niki - my advise would be to not worry so much. They say that your mental att_tude has a lot to do with it. I went out and bought baby diapers - we did it every other day starting the day after my period ended for two weeks (my husband loved it!). Are you taking pre-natal vitamins? Are you talking to your doctor about your fears?


Kim - November 3

Niki, My OB/GYN suggested to elevate your hips on two pillows for one hour after BD (baby dance). She also suggested every other day. As Nancy suggested also - prenatal vitamins are very important.


NIKI - November 3



nancy - November 3

Kim, are you pregnant now?



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