Anyone 42 And Pregnant

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Kristin72 - April 28

To the wonderful ladies here who have just suffered loss. I just want to you know I am so sorry for your losses. I hope and pray you will all recover soon. What a tragic experience you had PixbyCindy. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person. You are very lucky. I too am 42 and have suffered 5 losses. 3 in on year b4 my 7 month old was born just a week after my 42 birthday. I read these stories for hope..but know to well how age can affect our fertility. But there is hope. My dh is bugging me for one more..not sure if I can do it or not as my lo is still so young. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours ttc. Kristin :)


Wishmeluck - April 30

Cindy I am so sorry you had to go through such a horrific time. You are lucky to have such a wonderful husband! I really was hoping you were going to be the silverlining to all the losses. I hope your feeling better and healing quickly. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Giant hugs to you! Sara


PixByCindy - April 30

Hey are you holding up? I hope your are feeling well. I am still in the process. My husband stayed with me a few days..I sent him to, I just needed that time to be alone and just cry. He doesn't do well when I cry. Course he called all day, We talked last night when he got home and he was talking futuristic of when we had a baby...then in the next breath he let me know how scared he was and that he thought he was going to lose me this week and he didn't think he could bear that, I explained to him what we experienced was just a bad situation, in normal pregnancy they wouldn't leave the baby stuck while I was in full labor in horrible pain for that many hours-worse scenario they do a c-section and take it. It's funny cause we had talked much in the beginning and he informed me he could not go into the delivery room for me, I wasn't surprised he has a low tolerance for blood or anything he considers "gross" So when he stepped up to the plate this week I was pleasantly surprised, not something at all I expected. I really feel things happen for a reason and maybe this was Gods way of showing us how we shouldn't take things for granted or take people for granted. I know I feel more love for him then I ever knew I could when he became my caretaker in the nurses absence and wiped my forehead, and washed the blood off my legs and gave me a bedpan-this is soooo not But now I know when it comes down to it he is there for me in a way I never knew he could be. I think for him it showed him how much I would go thru to have a baby and how important it is to me, he also said it showed him my bravery and strength and how proud he is of me. Still experiencing some pelvic cramping etc. Taking it easy this weekend-I may take next week off to to mentally get myself together-its going to be hard to go back to work and see the 3 pregnant girls there, its going to have to happen eventually but its going to be hard-I think the hardest is the girl who was 5 days behind me and devastated that she was pregnant she has a 13yr old and did not want any more and was whining about it. It's hard to understand how people who don't even want something as bad as we ladies do and yet they are given such an amazing gift. But there are lots of things that we will not understand, just have to deal with. I still need to tell my family, unlike some of you, I wanted to keep it secret, but I popped out pretty quick and there was no hiding it-now I have to tell my 100 yr old gramma its not to be...well ,not to be right now! She is such and inspiration she has had 10 children and 3 miscarriages, and currently has outlived 4 of her children but she finds the strength to go on, my mother being one of the losses she died at 42 from cancer-she was an amazing mother-and I just pray my mothers mother gets a chance to hold my baby someday. Hopefully there is a silver lining for all of us in our future! Sorry I am rambling know how these emotions get! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs right back at you Sara!


PixByCindy - June 5

Hey Sara, thinking about you wondering how you have been doing. I had my first period since the miscarriage..whooah what a doozie that was. It was right at about 30 days later. Now I am hoping to ovulate regularly and see what happens. We are going to try again. I had tons of blood work done and it all seems to be normal. I was just hoping you are doing well.


Wishmeluck - June 6

Hi Cindy, I just finished my first period too. I'm doing well. Emotionally much better. Right before my period I had an internal emotional meltdown... Hormones I'm sure but the overwhelming feeling of gloom and doom was bad! I think unfortunately we are done. I have 3 healthy kids, 1 being with my second husband. I really wanted 2 with him and a sibling closer in age for my 2 yr old but my husband is too nervous now to go through all that again and I don't want to be greedy. I still get sad when I see a pregnant woman and wish that was me but I am very fortunate to have my 3!!!! I have always had easy pregnancys and just figured it would be that way this time. I don't feel any older than say 30 so I figured my eggs would follow suit ? I am happy to hear you are better too! it's great that your blood work is good. Good signs! I am looking forward to living vicariously thru you and will pray for this next cycle. Use an ovulation kit. Take your viamins and Please keep me posted!!! I am happy to hear from you, thank you for thinking of me


PixByCindy - June 6

I totally understand...I was pretty emotional as well. I am too doing better but it is harder some days. Like I think I mentioned before I work with a girl who DIDN'T want a baby total inconvenience who was only about 5days off from my due date. I find myself avoiding her like the plague but last week I felt like everytime I turned around she was nearby talking about her pregnancy and how they thought it was a boy and blah blah blah. People aren't very sensitive sometimes. I am sure I was oversensitive to it. But there were times she definitely could have been more considerate in her conversations in my presence. Now the pregnancy she didn't want she is happier about since they think its a boy. UNBELIEVABLE! So hard to stomach people like that. Yes, GOD BLESS you and your 3 children cherish them you are sooo blessed! I hope to have one blessing in my life, we shall see, only time will tell. Only good thing that has come from all this sadness is my hubby is finally agreeing to letting me have the cat of my I will be getting a new addition the weekend of the 18th in the form of a CAT! I actually adopted him. He will feel that void a bit. But obviously not the same., but nice to have something else to focus on. I understand your husbands nervousness, mine is the same way he says he wants to try again, but he is scared as well. I said if I am willing to try again and its my body and I will be the one going thru the physcial/emotional stuff then why not support me? I guess I never thought about it, but WHO is taking care of us and picking up the pieces if we do have a bad experience, so I have to be more considerate to his fears, but as we talk bout it he seems better. I just make sure when I do have that crybaby day he doesn't see If I had TIME on my side I probably would wait longer but thats not a real option for me at this point. I just don't want to miss out on an opportunity while I have a few eggs left. I know what you mean it's so hard when you live and feel youthful but knowing that our eggs don't get Thank you for your happy wished for me and I will def keep you posted. I just wanted you to know I think of you! PS I am taking the vitamins ;)


HelloDolly - June 10

Hello everyone, long time no post. I have been trying to fight the m/c blues. I had started to post on the DDC and now I didn't belong there and I didn't want to be in the TTC!! So I just watched. LOL Well, it is our first cycle after my first period after the m/c. We are hopeful. We had a great + OPK and it is now 7DPO. I have noticed that my nipples are really sore. And I mean, dont ever b__w on them sore!! So hopefully that is a good sign. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!! Baby dust to everyone!!


kpckd888 - June 17

Are there any 40 plus ladies out there? I've had a TR and am TTC.


HelloDolly - June 17

Hello, there are a couple in this group. I am 41 TTC with my DH. He only has one child and I have three, they are older, and he really wants another child. So we are trying to have one. Been trying for 6 months and two months ago had a m/c. So we are at it again.


faith4baby2010 - June 27

Ladies pixbycindy & wishmeluck, i am so sorry about your loss. I just went lost my little bean at 6weeks 4 days last week. This was my second loss in 8 months all conceived natural.


kpckd888 - July 1

HelloDolly: What are you doing to help in your TTC? I am taking EPO, prenatal vitamin and Soy Isoflavines. I am ovulating either Sunday or Monday so I am in my very fertile period and BD'ing!! I have 3 older children and he has none. I am so hopeful right now!


faith4baby2010 - July 1

Hi kpckd888 i am 43. dh is 40. Trying to conceive or first. i had a m/c last nov and another m/c this month. All natural. I am now waiting for my period. I am taking prenatal vitamins, and clearblue fertility monitor helps a lot. Good luck on BFP


PixByCindy - July 1

Hey guys...What does TTC mean? Just curious. I had my first period since my m/c last month WOW it was brutal! It was about 31 days after my m/c then 26 days later my second period. It was pretty heavy for 2 days and painful but slacked off by day 3 and was pretty much gone by 4. I am about 8 days since my period and going to start using an ovulation kit thinking I will be closer to the 14 days thats what worked for me before so we shall see. Welcome Faith4baby2010 hope all goes well for you too! Do you have children already? I am 44 and my husband is 38. Hoping we are successful this time! I was hoping to be a bit more fertile, but nothing happened after the first cycle so we shall see. Hello kpckd888 Good luck to you as well!...I am still taking prenatals as well-I may check out the fertility monitor as well. Hopefully our baby dreams will all come true!


faith4baby2010 - July 1

Hi PixByCindy thank you. TTC means trying to conceive. Sorry that your period was brutal.I am waiting for mine. I don't have any kids. I met my DH later in life. My husband is 40 and i'm 43. I pray that we get pregnant before end of summer.


HelloDolly - July 2

Hello Ladies, Well, I have been on vitamins, we use OPK's, things like that. The first time we got pg we had only been trying for three months. I am hoping we get pg soon again. First little one was lost at 8wks. This will be our first together. He has one son and I have three kids. But he really wants a second child, so we are praying that we are blessed with a child. I am 41 and he is 40. We had our positive OPK yesterday and we have been BDing daily since Sat. Just to be on the safe side we start early! and will continue till Sat. again. and then the dreaded 2ww! kpckd: the month I did get pg I used soy!! I haven't yet this time to give my body a chance to self regulate. But if we don't get the BFP this month, I will use it again next month. Baby dust to everyone!!!


faith4baby2010 - July 2

HelloDolly, I wish you a BFP this month. Keep bedding.



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