Anyone 42 And Pregnant

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faith4baby2010 - July 2

HelloDolly, I wish you a BFP this month. Keep bedding.


angelmary3 - July 19

Sure I am there. I have been in the same spot as you ladies have been. I had my miscarriage when was 8 weeks pregnant that is in January '10. I am 43 now and tried almost every month but did not happen. I have no kids since I meet my guy very late in life. I am very nervous and TTC. How are you hellodolly and wishmeluck doing? Nice to see a group like this.


HelloDolly - July 20

Hello Ladies, Well, I am out for last month. AF came on Friday. I was really sad. But now on to the next cycle. I am taking the soy again this month. I did the month we got pg before. I wanted to wait till I was sure all was healed up. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a lucky month for us. Good luck to all of you!!! Personally, I love all the BDing we have to do!! LOL Baby dust!!!


faith4baby2010 - July 20

Hello angelmary3 and hellodolly One thing that helps me to get pregnant is clear blue fertility monitor. Pricey but worth it. I am 43 met my husband later in life. I gad 2 m/c. Also accuputure is very good. Have you tried it?


faith4baby2010 - July 20

Hello angelmary3 and hellodolly One thing that helps me to get pregnant is clear blue fertility monitor. Pricey but worth it. I am 43 met my husband later in life. I gad 2 m/c. Also acupuncture is very good. Have you tried it?


angelmary3 - July 20

No I haven't tried acupuncture but I am going this month for that. We'll see what happens. I went to the fertility specialist and he told that I have a blocked fallopian tube and a high FSH of 15. He told me that I have only 5% chance of conceiving. Between the fertility specialist and acupuncture we'll see how it works. Then probably take some herbal supplement. Really encouraging to see a group like this who are like me. Do any of you know someone at this age get pregnant? Thanks hellodolly and Wishmeluck. It's so disheartening to think about anything after a miscarriage.


PixByCindy - July 21

Hey girls...I am on my menstrual cycle now which means countdown til I ovulate. This is the 3rd since my miscarriage. I tried using an ovulation kit but it never seem to show me ovulating, not sure if it was the kit or If I did it wrong., I have always ovulated on a regular basis. Or is my body still trying to get back on track? I will def try a kit again though. I also have a blocked tube, my Dr didnt' seem to think that would be an issue., I stood on my head last time after, I told my hub I was trying to get it to the right place-lol,.ironically it worked! I did however miscarry. I have seen a fertility Dr., he ran lots of blood work to see if there was a "reason" I miscarried and all the bloodwork was normal, he said I had proven fertility when I conceieved. what? I am going to use a kit and try again after this cycle and pray for the best!


kpckd888 - July 21

Pix I have read (and am going to try this month) that when testing with OPK do it twice a day; in the morning and afternoon. Evidently it is very easy to miss the LH surge so testing twice makes it easier to catch. Also do it the same time each day and try to wait several hours before urinating. I am taking Soy- today is Cycle day 4 and I started it yesterday. Tried it last month but only 80. Now I uped it to 120. I am hoping that helps. Angel I have been to an RE as well- my numbers were good but you know what they are just numbers. My day 3 FSH (after taking Clomid) was a 10 and he thought that was bad. I did some research and it depends on where you go what they consider bad. My normal FSH was 4 and estradol 44 plus I had lots of follicles so I keep that in mind and all it takes is one egg!! We will stay positive and get our BFP. Here is to a spring baby!! Lots of sticky baby dust to us all!


kerryhenry - November 11

Hi I'm 41 (42 when I [hopefully] deliver around 9th July 2011. This is my third baby, I have a six year old girl and a four year old boy. This baby was very much planned but I am really anxious about the test for Downs as my barts test for my son came back 1 in 3 (my daughter was 1 in 2500) and it was quite a shock (although I maintain they did the test too early)so I'm dreading it this time round. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


kpckd888 - November 11

Good luck Kerry! Please keep us posted.


kaz42hubbard - January 3

hi, im new to this site , and its great to read so many other peoples concerns . my partner is 44 and im 42, and weve been trying for this baby since aug 2010. he has two older boys from his first marriage, and am have two children, a son aged 14, and a daughter aged 10 from my previous marriage x i had my coil removed and as he works abroad, we are really shocked that ive conceived so quickly, but , we are overjoyed x im now on week 8/9, and feel very well apart from a water infection which has pulled me down a little,but im being treated for this so roll on the antibiotics kicking in . i do however have the same concerns as many of u, the downs test ect. i cannot believe how much more advanced the tests are now, from when i had my daughter ten years ago . i have my booking in next week with the midwife, but i still wont believe everythings ok untill i have my first scan x heres to the next six weeks of worrying x


kerryhenry - January 3

Hi all, I'm back again. Well at 12 weeks I had my nuchal fold scan and my blood test done. The scan results were fine and my little baby would not keep still at all and it was lovely to see. She was waving her hands and legs all over the place. Anyway, the sonographer told me that if there was anything wrong with the blood tests that I would hear in the next 10-14 days (14 days is up on Thursday) and so far I haven't heard anything (fingers crossed). My main concern now is how much I'm showing at just over 13 weeks - I look more like I'm about 5 months!! Which means its going to be another big one - my son was 10lb 13oz so I dread to think what this one is going to be! Good luck to everyone else and good luck to Kaz - everything will be fine hon - I spent all those weeks worrying like mad so I know what you're going through and I will be thinking of you for the next few weeks. Keep us posted. Baby dust to you all xxx


aprivate1 - January 3

kaz42hubbard -- may I ask how the older kids handled the news of your pregnancy? I'm looking for advice. I'm engaged, 42, and just found out today that I'm pregnant. He's 46, and between the two of us there's 6 kids (his: 13, 10 & 5 me: 13, 11 & 8). They're already struggling with the idea of a remarriage, so I'm wondering how to break the news about this as well. Also, anyone out there have a history of low progesterone? During my first marriage I had 5 mc's from what I think was that. 3 remained with the help of progesterone tablets. Just curious if perhaps having a different partner would change that (yes, I know the progesterone comes from me...but still can't help but wonder if that may have played a part the first time around.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


kaz42hubbard - January 4

hello aprivate1, i had no choice but to tell my children at tummy is very swollen, and my curious daughter kept prodding away,so i decided to sit her down and tell her. i am a very honest mum, and explained that the baby was only now growing, and, because i am older, sometimes things can go wrong . she was fine, as like you, my partner and i got engaged in august 2010,and altho, they clash sometimes,i just explained that her and her brother were still the most important people in my life,as well as my fiance, and their best interests will come first. my son however, being 14, i was dreading.we are very close,and open about everything,so i sat him down alone and broke the news,he just hugged me,and was very mature, as always,saying if thats what we wanted he was fine with it. its very difficult second relationship round, as my husband and i were together for 22 years, and lucky as i am, still get on very well, no bitterness, and i am very pleased he has a lovely partner, with a five year old daughter,he and my fiance talk politely, as we had already seperated when we both met new partners. my daughter however,did shock me,before i broke the news to her,i fished a little, asking her what would be the best thing to happen in 2011, and the worst thing. to that she answered, the best would be for my fiance and i to get married, the worst was for me to have another baby !!!! thats when i decided its time to tell . congratulations first of all,and i hope everything goes well for u , i found the timing had to be right x the worst thing for me at the moment is the fact that my fiance is away abroad,and has been since early dec,so i had to tell him our news over the phone. he is due home end of jan,by then i am hoping to have had my first scan,and i just hope and prey everything is gonna be fine xxxxx good luck, im sure all will go well x let me know how it goes xxx


kaz42hubbard - January 4

hello kerryhenry, what lovely news for u , and to see ur little bean, now a baby moving around so much, must have been such a relief x i am dreading the tests, its a case of, i want to have them, but i dont, im terrified !! i went to see my doctor last week as ive had disturbed sleep thru back pain, and he confirmed blood in my urine, so im still on antibiotics, and hoping ill feel better soon. i like u have a very swollen tummy, i can recall showing early with my other two, and with my daughter was in leggings by ten weeks, not being able to get my jeans done up !! even my doctor, had to have a prod, to see if he could feel my uterus,but he said im less than twelve weeks, he agreed i looked about five months x maybe its fluid,i dont know , but my babies only weighed 7,13 and 7 ,6 so i dont as a rule have large babies x as i am new to this site, i took my time to read 16 pages of all the different experiences all these lovely ladies had been thru, i was shocked to see so many sad stories, and then i thought, omg, any of these things can happen to me, x i was wondering whether the midwife would be able to detect a heartbeat next week at my scan, as i will be week 9/10 then ?? i find myself worried sick that ill go for my scan and there will be nothing there !!! worse still my fiance is away abroad, and not due home till end of jan, (he works away ) and he is overjoyed !! my best friend tells me to stop all this worrying as ill make myself ill, but its easy to say !! i keep my fingers crossed for u that ur results come back fine, im sure they will x sorry to mumble on , it must be my age !!! good luck to u all xx


kerryhenry - January 4

Hi Kaz It was a relief to see this one moving round as I was originally expecting twins but unfortunately the other one didn't develop correctly. With my son I carried excess fluid too so I think I'm probably going to do the same with this one. My midwife gave it a name but I can't remember it now, they say its indicative of GD but I certainly didn't have it when I had my son. When I had my first scan done they detected the heart beat and I think if I remember rightly I was about 8/9 but you could see it beating away quite clearly. Even my six year old spotted it! Good luck with your scan. It's such a nerve racking time isn't it. Once we've had all our tests out of the way we can relax! I've got my ante natal at the hospital tomorrow and hopefully they'll listen to the heart beat then too. They have put me under shared care because I had the excess fluid and I also had SPD which they've warned me I'll get again. The only good thing with the excess fluid is they don't wait for you to go into labour and they take you to induce you so at least I can organise child care for my other two! My doctor told me that if I've already had two healthy children that there is no reason to think this will be anything other than healthy, trying to re-a__sure I know but every little bit of rea__surance does help and I'm sure your little bean will be just as healthy as mine. Are you having any symptoms? Sickness or anything like that? They say its also a sign of a healthy pregnancy and boy did I go off food! Even now at 13+4 I can't stand the thought of eating meat, but I never went off anything with the other two. However, for some reason I've got it into my head that this one is another girl, I'm so convinced that I won't even think about boys names, don't know why and I'm going to be gutted if I end up with a boy with no name LOL! Ha ha and you said you mumbled on - can't get any worse than me. Let me know how you go on with your scan next week, I'll keep everything crossed for you. Kerry



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