Anyone 42 And Pregnant

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kerryhenry - January 4

Hi Kaz It was a relief to see this one moving round as I was originally expecting twins but unfortunately the other one didn't develop correctly. With my son I carried excess fluid too so I think I'm probably going to do the same with this one. My midwife gave it a name but I can't remember it now, they say its indicative of GD but I certainly didn't have it when I had my son. When I had my first scan done they detected the heart beat and I think if I remember rightly I was about 8/9 but you could see it beating away quite clearly. Even my six year old spotted it! Good luck with your scan. It's such a nerve racking time isn't it. Once we've had all our tests out of the way we can relax! I've got my ante natal at the hospital tomorrow and hopefully they'll listen to the heart beat then too. They have put me under shared care because I had the excess fluid and I also had SPD which they've warned me I'll get again. The only good thing with the excess fluid is they don't wait for you to go into labour and they take you to induce you so at least I can organise child care for my other two! My doctor told me that if I've already had two healthy children that there is no reason to think this will be anything other than healthy, trying to re-a__sure I know but every little bit of rea__surance does help and I'm sure your little bean will be just as healthy as mine. Are you having any symptoms? Sickness or anything like that? They say its also a sign of a healthy pregnancy and boy did I go off food! Even now at 13+4 I can't stand the thought of eating meat, but I never went off anything with the other two. However, for some reason I've got it into my head that this one is another girl, I'm so convinced that I won't even think about boys names, don't know why and I'm going to be gutted if I end up with a boy with no name LOL! Ha ha and you said you mumbled on - can't get any worse than me. Let me know how you go on with your scan next week, I'll keep everything crossed for you. Kerry


kaz42hubbard - January 5

hi kerry, forgive me for asking what is spd, i was induced for both my children , my son was ten days over my due date, and my daughter because the placenta was dying, on her due date. this large swelling is very worrying to me . i was working today, and my collegues all said id grown in a week, im usually a size 10, so its very noticeable. i have no idea if i carried lots of fluid, but my feet, ankles and hands had lots of fluid retention, so i guess that was the case . with regards to symptoms, i have no sign of sickness(with my son, i was never sick, but with my daughter it was all day everyday), apart from the three posotive tests, very sore b___bs,and this swollen belly,and no periods, thats the only symptoms im getting, oh and the waking in the night to go to the loo!!! i hope all went well today at the hospital,and,u heard ur babys heart beat nice and strong. i have my first booking in at the doctors next thursday, so im hoping they will book me in with a scan shotly, to check my dates are ok, and for my own peice of mind !!! its taking over my life really, i think of everything all going well 24/7 and am not sleeping well. ill keep u posted next week, in the mean time, keep well, and relax xxxx


kpckd888 - January 5

Ladies I am thrilled to hear you both have a BFP! It gives me hope. I am 44 (have 3 children from earlier years in their 20's) and have been trying for the past 6 months. Is there anything you did to help or what did you take to help out! Any advice/help would be so appreciated! My clock is ticking. LOL- I had my hormones tested last year and they were good (FSH 4, Estradol 44, day 3 FSH 9 and lots of follicles). I O regularly (have 27-28 day cycles- always have). I take Fertibella for the past few months (has vitex, vitamins, etc in it)and a baby aspirin. Prop the booty after s_x as well. Again I am thrilled with your news! I hope to be next and join you!


kerryhenry - January 6

Hi Kaz SPD = symphasys pubic dysfunction - basically the weight of my baby plus the excess fluid was splitting my pubic bone! Not pleasant and VERY painful. I couldn't get in or out of the car, climb the stairs or even turn over in bed and it really started to get me down. They told me at ante natal yesterday that as long as I don't carry excess fluid this time hopefully it may not come back, so fingers crossed. My ante natal yesterday was a big let down. They didn't listen to the heartbeat at all, basically took my blood pressure, and told me that all my bloods from my booking in had come back fine and that was it. I'll be so pleased once I start to feel her moving so that I have that rea__surance that everything is OK. It's a nerve wrecking time at the moment for you too I know, and it doesn't matter what anyone says to you, until you actually see your little bean and its heartbeat on your dating scan you won't be convinced, and even then, till you reach the 12 week mark its still a difficult time, then, like me, the waiting for the blood results for chromosomal abnormalities! I was all excited yesterday when she said my bloods had all come back fine thinking she meant from my nuchal scan then she clarified it and my heart sunk when she said I would still have at least a week before I hear anything. I sometimes wonder if these midwives know what we're going through at our ages??? Try and get some good sleep though as that won't do your health any good. Just before Xmas I had a really bad chest infection that stopped me from sleeping at night and I started to get really depressed with the lack of sleep I was getting. Have a nice warm bath and a gla__s of warm milk before bed and that should help. You need all the sleep you can get. I mentioned to them yesterday that I was concerned that I was so big but she said it was normal on a third pregnancy and that from the scan the baby and fluid were normal and not to worry about it. She said that everyone tends to compare to their first pregnancy but she said that on your first your muscles are so tight as is your skin that it keeps you slim for the first few months. She said not to worry and not to diet and just enjoy the attention I was getting early on!! Anyway, not sure whether you have your booking in today or next week but either way let me know how it goes. Kerry kpckd888 - here's how I did it each time with mine, and they only ever took me a couple of months each time. Google "ovusoft" and download their software and get yourself a good basal body thermometer. The software is brilliant and you can compare other ladies charts. It will tell you when you have ovulated etc. I've used it three times now and twice I was pregnant within two months. This one was a lot longer but a lot of that was due to the fact that I contract pneumonia not long after starting for number 3. I know this bit is personal but try and ensure you orgasm at the same time or immediately afterwards as the muscle contractions of an orgasm help move the sperm up your uterus (even if you have to do it on the sly yourself afterwards ;-) sorry know its very personal, possibly embarra__sing but it is a medical fact) Also try positions that give your husband/partner deep penetration as this also helps. Best of luck, will keep everything crossed for you and sending you loads of baby dust Kerry


kaz42hubbard - January 14

hi kerry just an update to let u know how things r going. first of all hope u r well,and ur bloods came back all good . well yesterday was my first book in with the midwife. everything confirmed and form filling in ect, bloods taken and sending off for my first scan . she explained that the scan can take up to four weeks to come thru!!! which i was shocked about, as i will be 14/15 weeks by then . i cant believe there is no urgancy to them, although she has put me thru as consultant care, which she said ill get a few more check ups . i am having the nuchal fold scan, but says if i miss it they can do the bloods at 16 weeks . i was fine yesterday altho i did start to spot brown blood, just a stain which she said was fine just old blood. i woke this morning, and to my horror, there was fresh blood in the toilet, so i called off work, had a bath, rested all day and its stopped. there wasnt enough to soil a panty pad, but im going to call the midwife just in case , i have had no pain, just felt offish yesterday and slept all afternoon, as ive slept all afternoon today. i had a good cry , its just worry, and ive never ever suffered a mis carriage before, so i dont know what to expect x fingers crossed all will be well x it may not be the case , i just dont know x its hard because its my third, i have been feeling the most tiniest movements already, its defo not wind bubbles, so , we will just have to sit tight and wait and see, hopefully they may rush the scan thru xx as i said earlier, i hope u r well and getting all the good care that comes with being an older mum to b xx take care kaZ


kerryhenry - January 14

Hi Kaz Well my bloods still aren't back but no news is good news ay?? I was 12+6 when I had my nuchal fold scan just before Xmas and if I were you I would ring and pester for the scan, your mid-wife may push it through anyway if you ring her and tell her the problems you've been having. Anyway, despite this being my third baby, its actually my fifth pregnancy so I can only tell you what my MCs were like. They were both exactly the same and firstly came the pain, like excruciating period pain, THEN came the bleeding and believe me, it was more than enough to fill a panty liner, BUT I did get the pain FIRST, and it was horrendous. So I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hopefully it is just your bodies way of telling you to slow down. But DEFINITELY ring your MW and tell her the problems and see what she says. If you present yourself at A&E or EPU they will do a pregnancy test and then scan you. I had bleeding at about seven weeks and when I went to A&E they did a pregnancy test and then when it showed I was still pregnant they sent me to EPU to be scanned. Good luck and I'm sure everything will be fine, just keep your feet up. I've got everything crossed for you. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes and what your MW says. Kerry


kaz42hubbard - January 16

hi kerry, well today is sunday and the bleeding has stopped altho there is still a tiny stain of black blood, which the midwife told me was ok. ive had no pains, no cramping, but my bloody back ache is back , so i am thinking hello this could be another water infection again x im at docs tom anyway, so ill mention it and take it from there x id forgotten what a worry pregnancy can be !!! the midwife was very nice, told me if it got worse to go over to a and e , but thankfully it was not nessersary . she said to go to my doctor or call the early pregnancy unit at the hospital, after the weekend, so thats what ill do . wish i could have my scan , id feel better then x ill let u know how it goes, i did have a bleed with my son roughly same time, so im thinking posative x take care, and glad to hear all is well x kazx


kerryhenry - January 19

Hi Kaz Just wondering if all is well at your end. How did it go at the Drs? Thinking of you. Kerry


kaz42hubbard - January 19

hi , the doctors confirmed another water infection, so on more anti-biotics now x i went back to work today , so feeling better in myself, apart from not sleeping well with backache which should go, once the tablets kick in x roll on scan day x hope all is well for u , still any blood results yet ? take care kaz x


kerryhenry - January 19

Hi Kaz Well that sounds promising then, not nice, but good that its nothing more sinister. How many weeks are you now? It was my 42nd birthday Saturday just gone and was feeling pretty low when I received my blood test results letter through the post stating that I was low risk, what a lovely present for my birthday?!? Only symptoms now is my lack of appet_te - still off any sort of meat and no real appet_te for anything in particular which is what I was like when I was pregnant with my daughter so am definitely leaning towards having another daughter but will probably find out for sure on 22nd February when I have my twenty week scan. Anyway, look after yourself and I hope that infection clears up pretty soon, Kerryx


orangelady - January 27

Hey Everyone- I'm 45 and I found out a couple days ago that I was pregnant. My first ultrasound is tomorrow. Right now I'm petrified of the odds of a chromosomal disorder. I had one child when I was 32, he weighed in at 11 pounds 8 ounces, second biggest in the whole hospital. My second son was born when I was 37, and the funny thing is that he was 8 pounds and 11 ounces. My husband of 17 years is 54, neither of us were married before. Right now I'm two months. At first I was sure I didn't want to know the gender of the baby, but now I'm on the fence. I've already started picking out names, but I'm afraid I'll become far too attached and if this pregnancy doesn't work out, I think I will be devastated. Any advice? Thanks, orangelady


kerryhenry - January 27

Hi Orangelady I was the same too about the chromosomal abnormalities, if you read one of my earlier posts you will see that there was a threat of it with my son who I had at 38. However, I'm 42, and I never took any vitamins or folic acid prior to getting pregnant with this one, and I've just been told that I'm low risk - yippee! If you ask any medical professional round here they will tell you that normally there has to be a high risk of it from it already being in your family. I was also panicking when I found out I was pregnant whether it would go alright, I'll be 17 weeks on Friday, and just felt that each pa__sing day was a bonus. Even now I still feel the same and am very cautious and take it very easy - little else you can do really. Good luck with the scan tomorrow. Let us all know how you go on. Kerry


orangelady - January 27

Thanks, I'll keep everyone updated.


aprivate1 - February 15

Hi everyone. It's been over a month since I last posted, and probably the most chaotic month of my life. Found out I was pregnant a week before my 42 birthday. At the time I was dating a wonderful, wonderful man who's 46 with 3 kids of his own (g13, g10, b5). I have 3 of my own (g13, g11, b9). Shortly after I found out, I had severe, severe cramps, thought I was miscarrying. My ob refused to see me and sent me to ER instead, where they ran a battery of tests, but sent me home with nothing more than a low HCG count. Waited to see what would happen. Nothing for a week. Then a week later I started bleeding, which I expected, because I tend to miscarry unless I take progesterone. Since that treatment fell out of fashion 10 years ago, I had to argue and debate my ob office for a day before they gave in and prescribed it for me. Once I got on it, the bleeding stopped, and all has been fine since. Had two ultrasounds since and everything looks fine. There's a heartbeat, and growth is normal. My pre-test for abnormalities --that ultrasound will be on March 8. Since then, I've gotten married, and we've told the kids in stages what's happening. There was a major uproar when we were incredibly upset (it's too soon! We don't want stepparents) and then were completely devastated when we dropped the final bomb about the pregnancy (a true wailing and nashing of teeth). We've been in a whirlwind of crazy for the last month and I'm sorry now to be pregnant at all. Got a migraine over this last night and after 20 hours of blinding pain that Tylenol wouldn't take care of, I finally took Excedrin Migraine, even though it's a no-no on the list. I'm scared to death that all this stress and whatnot is going to end up with something wrong with this child, if it makes it at all. Ah, but this is just a vent. I'm now a part time wife, since I live 50 miles away from my husband and therefore can only stay with him on the weeks I don't have my kids (every other week arrangement. When I have them, I stay here because of their school). And I can't even see my husband on our ON weeks, thanks to the kids having such a hard time. Hope everyone else is doing okay. I'll check in again after my 3/8 ultrasound.


orangelady - February 28

APrivate1- Sounds like a handful! I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope everything works out in the end. I'm not sure if anyone has searched any of my other posts, but at my first ultrasound, I found out I was carrying twins. It felt like I was hit by a bus right then and there. TWINS? TWINS? ARE YOU KIDDING? Since then, I've mellowed out and promised myself not to stress out too much over the possibility of any abnormalities. My husband and I have made the decision to find out the s_x of the babies before'll make things a lot less stressful and we feel it's the best thing to do now. Overall, this has been a really good pregnancy! My doctor said all my levels are fine and everything is looking good! But, I have been getting terrible morning sickness and migranes, as should be expected with any twin pregnancy. Today marks my 12 weeks and 1 day. I turned 46 four days I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on what is going next post will be a couple weeks from now. We find out the s_x of the babies on March 13th! Can't wait! Is it wrong that I am hoping for a girl after two boys? Just one! Please! I'll take anything that is healthy but I have this undying urge to have a daughter. Oh, I'm going on and on. Haha! Talk To You Soon, Orangelady


orangelady - January 3

As an update: I gave birth to my BEAUTIFUL and COMPLETELY HEALTHY twin girls on August 12th, 2011. So far, everything has gone fantastically well. While it's hard with twins around the house, it's worth it. Never stop trying. My pregnancy was an accident, so if I can get two babies without trying at age 46, it's possible to conceive one at a later age. I want to thank everyone on here for the support and rea__surance they've given me. Celia Rose and Alexis Scarlett also appreciate it. They weighed in four ounces apart at birth, with the lowest, Celia, weighing 5 pounds and 12 ounces and Lexi weighing six pounds on the dot. Thank you again everyone.



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