Anyone 42 And Pregnant

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jj - November 8

I'm 42 and think I'm pregnant. 6 days late. lots of symptoms, and a little nervous about taking a test. I have one son, 16, and wasn't thinking about one in college and one in diapers, although I'm starting to get used to the idea....and yes, one of my biggest concerns is the health of this baby. EVERYTHING is a horror story when talking about pregnancy over 40. It is really disheartening. Have you had an amnio or anything?


nancy - November 8

Hi Kim, Clomid is a fertility drug that signals the brain to release rippen eggs during ovulation. It just makes the natural process work a little better. You should speak to your obgyn about it and you can also check some of the facts online. Are you taking prenatal vits? Speak with your ob - mine suggested it when I was in for a routine visit one time and told him that my periods had begun to get a little longer between times. Let me know what seemed right for us. Here's a prayer!


43andexpectingno2 - November 8

jj - everything is NOT a horror story when pregnant over 40. If you look around you will see that woman were made to have babies until they can't. Today we are having healthy babies because of the care we are able to have and how well we take care of ourselves. If you are pregnant - Congrats!! Stay awhile and look around - you will see the beauty of pregnancy after 40 and the children that come from us are so very wanted and loved - - it could never be a horror - Welcome jj to the beginning of new life!


jj - November 8

I didn't mean to say I thought everything a horror story, but a lot of the info. given to us as pregnant women over 40 is a horror story. Sorry to confuse.


rucupa - November 9

there most that you cuold think of


Kim - November 9

Nancy - Yes, I am on a Rx prenatal vitamin and also taking 200 mg. Progesterone from day of oval. to AF or 12 weeks into pregnancy. We go to the infertility Dr. on 11/28, so he may put me on Clomid - if nothing happens before the 28th. Thanks for your prayers.


Nancy - November 11

Hi Kim - How many days since your last cycle? (I'm counting the days with you!!) I hope also that you will be able to cancel that appointment with the specialist! Let me know what happens - here's some hope for you to carry in your pocket! -


Kim - November 11

Nancy - I ovulated today. The ovul test was positive yesterday, but temp went up this a.m. Started the progesterone last night. Now I'm on the dreaded 2 week wait. AF should come 11/26 or 27. Thanks for waiting it out with me. The first day of my cycle was 11/1/05.


niki - November 11

Hi, Today i saw my doc and gave me Clomid for 5 days,any one know about it , how does it works for wemen over 35???? please tell me.


Nancy - November 11

Hi Kim - If you and your hubby have been together, and you ovulated yesterday...then you probably will NOT need the expert..right?!


Kim - November 12

Oh Nancy I hope so. But I thought that we had hit the o date before. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


nancy - November 15

Hi Kim, I just thought about the perfect timing for you - your af won't come on the 26th or the 27th but I just know you will have the best THANKSGIVING ever! Hang in there it's right around the corner! (go out and buy some diapers - the newborn size - welcome your little one, Kim!)


Shane - November 16

Don't worry, your doctor will make sure you get all the tests needed to make sure you have a healthy baby. I just had a baby 5months ago, and I am going to be 40 in Dec. I would like to try for a 2nd child in one year. Yes it is scary, but now women are having babies later and later, and in the 40's is not such a big deal anymore. I had a amino, and the doctor ran a lot of tests/ultrsounds on me throughout my pregancy. You and your baby will be in good hands. Take care and stay healthy.


Nancy - November 17

Hey Kim - Are you around? -- I need to talk with you if you are


Debbie - November 17

Hey Kim, I don't know if you had and HSG test or not, it's where they shoot iodine through your fulopian tubes to make sure that they are clear. They say that sometimes after you have the test that it opens everything up, raising the probability of pregnancy. That is what I had done trying to get pregnant with my second child. I became pregnant within a week of having the test done. So hang in there I'm sure it will happen for you.


Kim - November 23

Nancy - I've been away from the computer for a while. I went to OB/GYN 22nd and had blood work done - checking progesterone levels and also a beta HCG test. I got the results back today. BFN. Progesterone a little low. I am praying that it was just too early for a BFP since AF isn't due until 26 or 27. I did what you said and went out this week and bought a package of newborn diapers. I hope we have an extra thing to be thankful for this weekend. How are you doing?



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