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mamix4 - October 6

Looking to see if anyone is gonna test to see if they get a BFP on or around October 17th. My cycles are usually 28 days long...Im at cd 18...anyone else out there close?


jojosmom - October 6

I think I'm about the same time - 16th or 17th. I can't really remember exactly when I got af last month as I was so bummed that it came. How long have you been ttc?


mamix4 - October 6

hey jojosmom, I've been ttc for a year on and off...I had to stop for a few months cuz I became very irregular, so I went on BCP to regulate and now we've been ttc for 4 months straight. How about you? I hate the 2ww...drives me crazy. I was bummed about getting AF last month too cuz I swore that I was pg....but I could never tell when I was pg to begin with anyway...DH and I are trying for 1 more since we already have 4 (he has 2 from a previous) and our littlest one is 21/2 years old...


jojosmom - October 7

We've been trying since February but we had to take about 2-3 months off because my dh had surgery and no fooling around allowed :) Its hard to stay positive during the 2ww. I just want to know if it worked or not so I don't read a million things into everything my body is doing. I have an older daughter from a previous marriage and a ds who is 22 months. My only issue is I have a blocked tube so it takes me longer to get pg than it normally would. I've opted for no surgery since the other tube works find and I've had two previous successful pregnancies. Last month I really thought it worked and I broke down and tested which I don't like to do until a last resort to save my sanity and it was negative. I was devastated. My dh is sweet but he just doesn't get it how you feel when this happens. Well I have to go pick up dd from school so I'll check back in with you later.


mamix4 - October 8

Hey jojosmom, I feel you girl, I felt like I was pg last month and the same day I tested, I got sucked so bad...but I have to try and not read so much into the "Symtoms" because with all for of my pg's they were all different, with all different symtoms. I'm around cd6 today and i think dh and i bd0ng enough during O is due Oct 17, o Im gonna try not to test until at least that date cuz i dont want false hopes...if it happens, it happens...just dont want to dissapoint myself again. Are you having any symtoms? I cant some twinges in lower abdomen, and a little tired, but hey who isn't these days right...


Krissy68 - October 8

mamix4 - Not me I am only cd 8 and I am trying to see when I will be ovulating. I am going to the gyn tomorrow so I will have a report on that. I am going to start using my opk test on friday that will be cd 10 for me. I am also going to start bding as well. I am keeping my fingers cross for you. jojosmom - How are you doing? I am keeping my fingers cross for you that this is your month. Krissy68


jojosmom - October 9

I don't have many symptoms. My bbs always feel kind of sore after ovulation so I am really trying to not read into that at all as that's what got me last time thinking it might be. I usually start some light brownish spotting a few days before af comes so I'm just going to start watching for that. If I'm not pg this month I'll go back to using OPK's for the next cycle and maybe bbt. It usually ruins the mood for dh and he thinks I'm getting too obsessed anyway. I try not to tell him much so we can act normal about it all. I'm also tired all the time too so I can never look at that symptom either! :) I think I'm about cd 21 today. I wish there was a way we could tell already, I just need to be mentally prepared. Have a great day!!


mamix4 - October 10

Hey Krissy...Please keep me up to date as to what Dr says...dh and I bd'd on cd 10-13 and then again on cd15 and I hope that you catch the egg on time :) Jojosmom...I know what you mean about obsessing...I cant really talk to DH about it cuz, hes worried about bills, finances, work, if it happens, then I'll give him the good the meantime, we'll obsess together (lol) well Im 7 or 8 dpo so not sure if all went well...I do have cramps and lower back has dull pain and Im nausious on and off, but I get that before AF shows...Im not due til next thurs so we'll see..I will def keep you ladies posted...may for fun I'll test next wed and see what happens


jojosmom - October 11

Well I started to get a little light spotting today. That means af is on her way for me. I'm out for the month. I think this makes a short month for me. I guess I'll get a little more hard core next month. I need a bbt that doesn't make a beeping sound. Do you know of any?


mamix4 - October 11

Jojosmom, are you sure its AF and not implantation bleeding? It's only the 11th today...are your periods irregular? Very strange...I would see if the bleeding continues and gets heavier or lighter...


SailingMom - October 11

I'm a little later -- the 22nd. I'll keep you posted.


mamix4 - October 14

Ok,'s one for you...Im usually 28-29 day cycle and I usually spot the day before I get AF...this month AF is due on Oct 17 and I spotted for one day on Sunday night to Monday (Oct 12,13) Now I have no bleeding what so ever, but I do have cramping...I swore that on Sunday AF was here and I was done for this month, now there's nothing there and Im just cramping on and off.... Do any of you guys think I may be pg? When should I take a test? I'm 37 and this will be my 5th pg (if I am). My last pg I had really bad cramps for about 10 wks and I swore AF was gonna show...but I did have a threatening miscarriage with him...Thank God though everything went well and I have a beautiful baby boy... Please tell me what you think...Im confused


Krissy68 - October 14

jojosmom - Did AF show up yet? I hope not still keeping my fingers cross for you. mamix - The appointment went okay he just p__sed me off but I'm okay he ask me if I was sure I wanted another baby at my age as if I am 99 years old. I told him yes I wanted to try for another baby and I would decide if I was too old or not. With that being said I have to wait for the approval on my referal from the insurance company for my HSG and the I am to call the nurse on the first day of my new cycle. I wanted a HSG anyway so we shall see. GIRL HAVE YOU TESTED YET!!!!!!!! Also here is my little update. I am currently on cd 14 and I'm really not trying this month I am taking a little break. I did get a positive on the opk test on the following days cd 12-13 and my temps from Fri was 97.72 on Sat it was 98.62 on Sun it was 98.75 on Mon it was 98.36 and today it was 98.33 I didn't get a chance to bd from Fri - Sun cause dh wasn't home we did yesterday and I was ovulating and it was horrible pains on both side can this happen? I will let you all know when fertility friend actually say I ovulated. Take Care and I am keeping my fingers cross for everybody. Krissy68


mamix4 - October 15

Hey Krissy...yeah, I tested last night and this morning w/ FMU and bfn.... So I'll wait til friday to see if AF shows and if not I'll test again.. Yesterday and today, no cramps or spotting


Krissy68 - October 15

mamix4 - Keeping everything cross for you. I'm just trying to figure out which day fertility friend is going to say I ovulated. Will keep you posted. Krissy68


jojosmom - October 17

cd 3 for me. Guess its time to ramp up the old bd'ing efforts. I'll be getting a basal thermometer this weekend. I will check back to see if you tested or not. Fingers crossed...


mamix4 - October 18

Hey Krissy and jojos Well AF found me :( she came like clockwork so Im out for the month... Better luck next month i suppose. Baby dust to you girls,



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