Anyone Had A Positive Quad Screen Blood Test And Had Healthy

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lovemy3 - November 9

Hi there. My blood screening came back at 1/46 for ds. We decided not to do the amnio and are waiting it out. I have read lots of women with like 1/200 etc having healthy babies, but was hoping to see some scores like mine that have turned out good. I have no other markers and have had multiple scans done, all showing baby looking perfect...except for these darn blood results. Any suggestions?


K - November 9

If it makes you feel better, my doctor didn't even want me to do the quad test. She said that if you are over 35, the results will not come back normal and that all the test does is cause a lot of mothers in our age range with perfectly healthy babies a lot of worry, and result in a lot of amnios that were not necessary. She sent me for a Level II ultrasound instead and said if anything was abnormal there, then we would consider the possibility of an amnio. The ultrasounds were normal and around 3 weeks after my 39th birthday I had a perfectly healthy little girl. Doing the math, 1/46 means that you have a 97.8 % chance that there is no ds.


lovemy3 - November 9

Thanks K, that is re a__suring. The whole thing is just so nervewracking. I never even wanted to take the bloodwork but my dr was looking for my PAPP-A numbers for placental defects because I have had issues in the past. Unfortunately they are the same tests.


lovemy3 - November 13



LN - November 14

Hi. Well, here is my story. I am only 26 and my daughter was born with DS. She is now 6 weeks old. One doctor asked me why I had chosen not to do the Quad test, is only 50% accurate. Just last week, three women shared with me that their tests had been positive, and all of them have "typical" children. I know what you are feeling right now. I went through those emotions too, the wondering (since an ultrasound showed a posibility of DS). But as I have dived into the world of Down Syndrome, I have realized that I have more to look forward to, than I have to grieve. Thre is a wonderful book called "Gifts" it is written my moms of children with Downs. I recommend it, even as you are waiting. I now know that I have so much to look forward to. I can say, that I have seen shades of color that I never knew were possible, and it is only the beginning. And like one of the moms said in the book, the value of a life, of a human, of a child, is based not on what he or she will accomplish, but on teaching others about the things in life that really matter. DS is a blessing, and sometimes those blesings hide behind almond shaped eyes. Either way, you have so much to look forward to.



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