Anyone Have An Amnio

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Kathy1 - December 5

My husband and I decided to have an Amnio this Friday (Dec. 7th) because I am 36 and the Dr. found 2 soft markers on the US for Downs. Echogenic foci on the heart and he said the femur bone(s) seem to be slowing down in growth (compared to the last US). I am so worried - we would not abort but want the Amnio because it will be a "for sure" answer. When I scheduled the appt the lady told me that it takes 14 days to get the Amnio results - can that be true???? has anyone got them earlier - or some type of prelim results in a few days???? I would really appreciate any feedback you ladies may have :) - thank you!!! Kathy1


Eb - December 5

Ask for the FISH and you'll have some results in a matter of days. I mentioned it in my reply to you about the echogenic foci. Good Luck!!


lovemy3 - December 5

Hi kathy, the FISH results should be the next day. That is what I was told about the waiting period when I was offered an amnio for ds. I was also told that 5-6 times out of 100 maternal cells are taken as well and then the test is deemed inconclusive and it was for nothing, no result. The literature also says that amnios are 98%. My dr told me the m/c rate was anywhere between 1/100 to 1/500 depending on where you have them done. Good luck on Friday!!


Kathy1 - December 5

Thanks for the input lovemy3 - I am praying that all goes well - and the Aminio goes well with no issues - keep me in your prayers!! Thanks.


lovemy3 - December 5

I will for sure. I'm sure it will all go well, the odds are in your favour for sure. I also think that your results will be just fine too and then you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy with no worry, which is great.


Bridget - January 16

How did the amnio go? Mine was a bit scary but it was admittedly a relief to know all is well. Are you asking to know the gender?


docmom - January 17

I had an amnio yesterday. I'm 32, but with a quad screen of 1:63. My daughter (who is 2) had a perinatal stroke that was diagnosed at 3 days of age (after a normal pregnancy, normal delivery, and normal newborn exams). They didn't know if she would ever walk or talk or live independently. Well, I'm happy to say she walks (and climbs) well, is starting to talk, and is just sweet as pie, but the shock and sorrow that I went through at that time was something I never wanted to go through again. I think I cried for 2 weeks straight! So, when we got the positive quad...well, you can imagine. We had a level 2 ultrasound yesterday that didn't show anything specific, but I they didn't tell me it reduced my risk either. I elected to go through with the amnio just because, like you, I need to know so that I can wrap my brain around things and move on. Ask questions of your doctor about what they feel the risks are...I went to a referral center that does tons of them. My doctor though that recent studies from centers that are experienced with amnios are showing much lower risk of miscarriage (maybe even 1:1000). I was also offered preliminary result by FISH (they only look at chromosomes 16, 18, 21, and maybe X and Y). I get my results in 48 hours. I'm not sure on the false negative/false positive rates, though. The amnio itself was very fast. It was quite uncomfortable....don't get me wrong. Some pinching from the needle and quite a bit of cramping, but the whole thing took maybe 5 minutes tops (maybe mild contraction type pain? Definately bearable. I didn't tear up at all but there was lots of grimacing involved). My abdomen is a bit sore, but I haven't had any cramping since shortly after the procedure. Just ask lots of questions and the whole procedure will be over before you know it. Good luck!



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