Anyone Have This Happen Also

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Fran - November 29

HI I am 35yrs old and pregnant with my 3rd....I was not planning on having any more after my 2nd son was born but I got divorced and my current husband has no kids of his own so we are having one..I never knew that is was going to be such a pain to have a bady after I turned 35 the doctors have all referred to me as high risk just due to my age...I have had so many sono's everything is showing a very healthy pregnany and healthy baby boy I was just wondering if anyone else out there is tired of hearing they are high risk just because they will be 35 at the time of delivery...I guess I just feel alone


Maidencanada - November 29

Try being 41 and pregnant. I heard highj risk, 50% chance of miscarriage blah blah blah. SO I changed obs. This doctor is a specialist and he thinks it is wonderful that he has a patient (me) who is not high risk. He is looking forward to dealing with a normal pregnancy and delivery. He is wonderful! Perhaps it is time you shopped for doctors?


Fran - November 29

Hi maidencanada I would do that but I am already 30wks now almost 31 so I would not want to change doctors at this point...and I guess it is not so bad I just needed to vent a bit I guess I have the pregnancy blues ha ha lol but I am glad you are doing great and have a good doctor and congradulations on doing this at 41!! I respect you for doing and it makes it even better that things are going well they are for me also so I guess I need to just focus on that and the extra tests I have had to go thru atleast I know everything is fine so there are some good points!! Take care thanks for posting me!!


Lisa - December 1

I am also 41 and expecting my 5th child.... I was labeled high risk, and was told there was so many concerns because of my age.... but i knew that going into this pregnancy... just because we are not 20 anymore does not makes us freaks.... yes, the increase for downs, and other problems are higher, but then so many people in their 20's are having down syndrome babies too... so I really don't think its just us advance agers that have that to worry about...I did my ultrasounds and even opted to have the amnio, and was lucky to be told that I was having a healthy baby boy.... so don't feel alone... there are many of us out there, that don't feel we are odd, just because we choose to have babies over the age of 35..... I wish you a healthy and safe delivery


Maidencanada - December 1

Yes, I guess that at 31w you are at the home stretch and why change now. Just keep smilin (and ranting) and know that there are many many of us your age+ that are going through the same thing. We are the pioneers. We are the first generation to honestly try to get pregnant in our late 30's and in our 40's so the world still finds it strange and unusual. Think of us as being the strong women who refused to sit at the back of the bus. The next generation (our children) will not have to deal with this c___p for we will have paved the way for them. Some day women in their 50's may be having babies and no one will blink an eye!


fran - December 1

Thanks ladies for you imput it makes me feel not so alone in this I just hated hearing high risk and have even had my mother in law ask why in the world I have had so many ultrasounds of course she never had any with her two as well as my mom never had any with me and my brother ha ha lol could you imagine now days going thru your whole pregnancy with not one single ultrasound....that would be crazy i can just imagine when my kids start having kids what amazing things they will have ha ha lol but you all take care and I wish you both healthy babies and very easy births ha ha lol ( :



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