Anyone Not Have Symptoms Right Away I Have No Symptoms

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Janet - December 20

I am almost 6 weeks pregnant but I don't have symptoms (aside from missed period.) I had the multiple blood test and some U/S. The HCG is going up at a good rate and they saw the gestational sac and the beginning of an embryo. I am 42 and scared to death that I will miscarry. Any advice? Anyone have delayed pregnancy symptoms? This will be my first child


Been There - December 20

With my second child, I had absolutely no symptoms. I don't think age is a direct relationship to symptoms. If you don't have them, be thankful and enjoy it. I'm doing pretty good now with my 3rd. Just sore b___sts and only when handled, not constantly. Other than that, I have a great appet_te and the ability to hold down everything I eat. Congratulations!


k - December 20

Hi I'm 36 and pregnant with my first and didn't have any symptoms, just sore b___sts. I had a prior m/c so I was paranoid! Now I'm 28 weeks and everything's going great! I just have a bit of heartburn now & then but it's not terrible. Congrats & good luck!!


sdep - December 20

I got pregnant with my first at 38. (Almost) had no idea I was pregnant until a doctor confirmed that I was 12 weeks along. I had had abnormal spotting in between my periods since I was 36, so the first thing that came to my mind when I missed a period was that I entered menopause (imagine that!) I had expectations that with pregnancy I would have to throw up, be nauseous, etc. Instead, I did not feel much different, except increased appet_te and tender b___sts. My whole pregnancy was uneventful. When I got pregnant second time at 40 I knew that the only sign for me would be a positive pregnancy test. The second pregnancy was uneventful, too, except for being a bit more tired, chasing after the first little one. Oh yes, the first time it hit me that I WAS pregnant was only when I saw a moving tiny thing inside of me on the ultrasound screen, which was around 14 weeks. Movements - I started feeling them at around 17 - 19 weeks both times. So - relax, it is very different for everybody, within a wide spectrum of sensations - extreme nausea on one end and ABSOLUTE nothing on the other.


Maidencanada - December 20

Don't worry Janet. Many women have no symptoms at all! As one who is 41 and 9.5w pregnant with a miscarriage under my belt (this summer) I can tell you it is not not having symptoms you need to worry about. It is having symptoms that abruptly stop and do not resume. Relax, and enjoy your pregnancy and CONGRATULATIONS!



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