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LeslieM - July 22

the other was getting longggggggg. hope everyone is well!!!!


LeslieM - July 22

hi all....i seem to come and go, but i still enjoy this thread as i see many others do. hi again to perl!!! ok i counted your days until your c-section...28 days!!!! 4 weeks! and 30 for me!!!! how is everyone else?


Krissy68 - July 22

LeslieM - I'm here I am now in the 2ww trying to see if I am pg this cycle. Please rub your belly and send me tons of baby dust my way LOL. This cycle I took clomid/50mg on cd 3-7 and estrodoil (estrogene) 1mg 3 pills/2 times a day and I was suppose to bd cd 10-16 and starting on cd 17 start taking the progesterone gel (prochieve 8%). Well I started using my opk test strip on cd 7 and I was doing that 2 times a day I got my bfp on cd 14-16 and I only bd on cd 6, 9-13 & 16 so I hope I am good. According to FF I ovulated on cd 15 and I am now 3dpo so I can test in 9 days. Krissy68


LeslieM - July 22

hi krissy...good luck to you! i do not fully understand all the processes you are referinf to ( aside from ovulating etc) however, things sound positive! rubbing my belly now. hugs and baby dust...


clindholm - July 23

Hi Krissy- wishing you luck and much baby dust this cycle!!!! It's only a matter of time for you, I know you will have your bfp soon! Colleen


clindholm - July 30

Where did all the over 35'ers go?


kimcat - July 30

I'm here! I'm 44 and due Jan. 13, 2009. I have my level 2 ultrasound on 8/11 and can't wait to find out if everything's OK and the baby's gender.


LeslieM - July 30 here. but i have to say barely. my scheduled c section is in 23 days and it cannot come soon enough. i swear, i am a wreck!!!! my hands are swollen and hurt, ive had a headache for the last 24 hours, i cry every day, heartburn, sore back...the list is infinate. im sorry...i am a baby. i have noticed that some of the BH contractions that i have had for the last 2 months are staring to feel crampy. i have dropped and at my last appt. on the 24th, the dr. said she thought the baby was already around 7 pounds. (at that rate i am going to give birth to a toddler!) i cannot help but to wonder if i will actually make it to the 22nd. yay kim! congrats. clindholm, what is your story? and are you feeling?


clindholm - July 30

Hi Kim- good luck at your ultrasound. Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Leslie, you sound miserable. I can't believe the baby is already 7 lbs. At least with the section you won't know the difference. I hope the next 23 days go quickly for you. My story- well I'm currently totally freaked out and scared. I'm 21 weeks today and a co-worker informed me last week that her son has Parvo Virus (Fifth's Disease) and I went for the bloodwork last week and Monday, I will get the results tomorrow. Yesterday the co-worker comes in and she has the rash!!! I wanted to kill her. Now today, I'm feeling like I have a cold, sore throat etc. I don't know if just because I'm so worried or if I got this from her. I am so scared and mad. Colleen


LeslieM - July 30

oh colleen, please try not to worry ( i know, easier said than done) i cannot believe how totally insensitive and selfish people can be to come in to the workplace sick. that is one of my pet peeves. i would be p__sed too. in fact, being pregnant and at higher risk, have you thought about going to talk to your human resources department about it? perhaps they could make your coworker stay out of the office until she gets a release from her doctor...or perhaps your doctor will give you a note to be out until she is no longer contagious? call your doctor and let then know your symptoms...i bet they can put you at ease. its going to be fine...hang in there. hugs.


Krissy68 - July 30

Kimcat - Congrats to you and please give us updates. LeslieM - Wow 23 days and I know you are so ready for it to be over so you can be holding your baby. I'm hanging I am cd 26 11dpo and my temp has went down some from yesterday 98.52 to 98.39 but I am still above my coverline is that still good. According to my doctor I am to test on cd 27 & 28 so I will be giving a update in the morning. I am still preparing myself for AF just in case she show up. She is suppose to be here around Aug 2-4. Rub your belly for me. Krissy68


LeslieM - July 30

soooooo... i just got home from the hospital and being monitored. i have been having BH contractions pretty much non stop for the last couple months. i was monitored in the office once, but everything was fine. well, today i had one that lasted 4minutes and another that lasted 8. i called L & D at the hospital and they said after questioning that since i am repeat csection to come in. well i was having quite a lot of contractions with uterine irritability in between so they called the doctor. sure enough they gave me a shot of terbutaline, then another for the pain. my contractions started again about 10 minutes later and so i was given another terbutaline shot. that stuff is awful, makes you jittery and shaky and your heart race. they havent stopped but the contractions have slowed down, plus i am not dialated, or ripened or shortened so i am home. have to go back if they become regular or i have those continuous ones again. now i am exhausted and going to bed!


Krissy68 - July 31

LeslieM - You poor baby get your rest. I guess you might be meeting your little one earlier then expected, take care. Krissy68


LeslieM - July 31

thank you krissy! ive been trying to lay low. i was up at 3am with contractions again wondering if i should go in again, but they subsided a bit. i have been up ever since so i am wiped. hope everyone is having a good day!


dogmom - August 1

Hi everyone! I am 12 weeks now and suddenly this week I went from a barely noticable belly to a "no hiding it" belly. I had started buying maternity clothes a few weeks back, but I was still able to fit in some of my old clothing. This week I haven't bothered trying to fit into my old clothes, I am wearing all maternity now. This is my first pregnancy and I was plesantly suprised to see that many of the maternity fashions are quite nice! I could even get away with wearing many of the outfits even after the baby is born. I have noticed that along with my new belly I now have pain in by back right above my b___t. It feels like it is probably muscle related, but it gets real uncomfortable from time to time. I have been trying stick with my regular exercise routines and this week I took a break for a few days thinking that the exercise may be the cause for my back pain. The pain is the same either with or without exercise. Has anyone had this before? What can I do for it?


Krissy68 - August 1

LeslieM - How are you feeling? Hey ladies here is my update. I'm cd 28 13dpo and I decided not to test today I will wait until sunday and test cause that is the test date that FF gave me. I'm still preparing myself for AF she should be here in 1 to 3 days. My temp went down some from yesterday 98.55 to 98.39 it seem to be playing yoyo so who knows but I am 13 days above the coverline so is this a good sign? The only thing that is bothering me is I'm having a headache, cramping off and on but nothing major, peeing a little more, my lower back is killing me, I'm also craving cheese and ice cream go figure normally when AF is lurking I start craving chocolate which I haven't. I will give you all a update on Monday. Keeping my fingers cross to see some BFP. Krissy68


micsmms3 - August 3

Hi, anyone have advice on some symptoms- and finding some relief... 1st, I'm feeling more bunged up lately- consstipated... And just want to get a bit of a handle on it before it goes into hemmroids or something like that. 2nd, I have some strange itchy rash that comes and goes. Starts on the palms of my hands, souls of my feet, then just goes wherever and everywhere. If I let myself scratch, i'll get bumps. i even feel it in my eyes if I rub them. It makes me crazy, all the itching! All I do is try not to itch, and rub anti-itch lotion all over... it's pitiful.



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