Anyone Planning To Formula Feed

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MG - November 4

Anyone out there planning to bottlefeed? Please no comparisons to br___tfeeding. Just wondering if anyone else is planning to bottlefeed. Thx.


Choices - November 4



Sara - November 4



jessy - November 4

also no


Jen - November 4

Yes, I did with my 1st baby and will again. My son is now 2.5 yrs old and has only been sick 3x and never had an ear infection. I'm mentioning that b/c mostly you will hear how sick your baby will be if you choose not to b___stfeed.


kimberley - November 5

Yes I am.....This will be my 4th baby. I bottle fed the first 2, and b___st fed my 3rd........I just feel more comfortable bottle feeding, and my hubby enjoys helping too. BTW, the sickest of all my children, was the 3rd, who was bottle fed, so go firgure. It is always a personal decision, and dont let anyone make you feel guilty for picking either way :)


kimberley - November 5

AMENDMENT!! Should read the 3rd who was b___st fed....d__n fingers thinking for themselves.


Perry - November 6

Actually, we have planned to b___stfeed for 9 months, but now that the baby will be here this week, we may have to bottle feed. I Just don't feel or see any evidence of having any b___stmilk this time. I don't mind formula feeding at all, I did with my sons, and they are fine. I think the majority of the 'sickness and ear infections' is from people too lazy to properly hold their baby while feeding. Propping bottles or letting a baby lay with one tends to promote ear infection. No matter which way you feed, the baby should be held correctly to let the milk/formula go down.


to last post - November 6

sometime it take 2 days after for your milk to come down my took that long and baby was fine it was still getting clear stuff from me which they say is the best I forget what it is called but trust me it will come the only excuess for not breasr feeding is medical illness and medacation you have top take auther than that you and baby have to learn and sometime it take awhile but if your not patient you will give up and trust me its the best feeling and bonding and easyest way to go . I you want dad to help you pump and freeze the milk and he can still bottle feed .


gee - November 8

beacuse your not b___stfeeting you have to be so uptight maybe you should as its so relaxing and so much easier . Again its the best and most healthy easyest way . I am said and done


Mommy_Wanna_Be! - November 8

Yes, it I am blessed with a child, I will bottle feed.


Bonnie - November 8

Yes, I am planning to bottle feed as well.


Elaine - November 8

Yes, I tried to b___st feed with my 1st and didn't produce enough milk, so I didn't even try with my 2nd. Now with my 3rd I will bottle feed again. I just feel I have more of a "normal" life, dad can feed the baby and so can grandma & grandpa. Todays formulas are so advanced that they are "almost" the same. But it is a "personal" choice and no one can make it for you!


?? - November 8

if you kept trying you would of had more milk and everyone can still feed have you heard of a pump its works great pump and freeze then you have a bottle to give who ever you want to pa__s on the job to


**** - November 12

there is no such thing as not enough milk it comes the more you feed the more it comes down . Having not enough mild is the worst excuess ever before there were bottles I guess the ones who couldnt afford a wet nurse there babies starved. Did you know that even if you are not preg you can use a pump and it will get your body to produce milk its true I did for my sister how was very ill and wanted b___st milk for her baby .


Cindy - November 12

I am planning on bottle feeding my fourth baby. I bottle fed all my others with a short trial of b___st feeding of my 2nd baby but it made me feel uncomfortable so I did not continue. My kids are 16,15,14, and 8 and all have been healthy. My 8 year old was a preemie and did just fine with the right formula.


To:**** - November 13

There are in fact women who do not produce enough milk. You can research that one or even ask your doctor. It is pretty rare, but it can happen. So before you judge on an issue, you should really be sure. And even if she just gave up to what? Choosing to b___st or bottle feed is a personal choice. While b___stfeeding is recommended there is certainly no harm in bottle feeding.



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