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Kelly - September 20

I started my first dose of Clomid today and was wondering if anyone else has used it and what your take on it is, and have you had results? I am 41, with 19 and 14 year old children and a miscarriage under my belt. Also, was your doctor stict on the test taking I have read about online? My doctor basically handed me the prescription and said good luck lol


Lena - September 20

I used clomid for 5 cycles. I would highly recommend the ultrasounds to check for cysts. Of my 5 clomid cycles, 3 produced cysts. My first cycle was so bad that I had to lay in bed for a week or risk uterine torque. One ruptured and it was very painful. Currently I am 10 wks pg and have two 2.4 cm cysts.


Kelly - September 20

Did you get pregnant on Clomid or was it naturally? I was told that it could produce cysts but if a cyst showed up that it would spontaniously disappear. I was not even told about pain a__sociated with it. Now I am nervous. This is my first day. So far no side effects at all


Trisha - September 21

I have been thinking about talking to my doctor about using it as I do not ovulate every month


Michele - September 21

Hey guys....I was on clomid for 2-3 years. I swear it was like that movie "she's having a baby", would have to go to doc every month to get blood work done, see if i was ovulating, i remember flying down the interstate to get hubby's sperm to doc w/in an hour to be tested, god it was exhausting, and of course we never got our timing right. I would take breaks from clomid and it seemed to me every time i took a break i got pg. First time i had a mc at home, second time i got pg, the heartbeat quit at about 3 months and i had to have a d&c (horrible). Not to gross anyone out but they found a huge cyst that my doc said basically suffocated the baby. So, that was in Sept. 2000; doc was going to send me to fertility specialist first of the year; major depressed, i know you guys know what i mean, get your period every month and just cry like a baby because you want to be pg so bad. My wonderful hubby took me on ski trip w/ friends to celebrate New Year's and forget about everything, and there is happened. Our son was conceived in Banner Elk, NC, (outside Boone). He will be 4 Sunday and I'm pg w/ 2nd baby boy due in January. It's weird to me, i don't know, i was talking to my Mom about it, i couldn't get pg to save my life when i was younger (like in my 20's), it's like i was destined to have my children older, i'm 38 will be 39 by the time Max comes along. It's funny how things work out, i really never thought i'd have a child much less two, and believe me Max was a huge surprise, i was going to doc to talk about getting my tubes tied and she's like, hon, we can't do that now....all is well, i did have an amnio and all that came out great, i'm 22 weeks. It really was a battle, struggle, for years, but man it paid off, all the heartache, all the money spent, all the hours at the doctor, needles, pee tests, you name it....all worth it...Good luck to everyone, i pray you all have wonderful babies someday......You Will......


Lena - September 21

Yes, I did become pg while taking clomid. The cysts do generally regress naturally but it can take some time. Keep in mind that the cyst will prevent you from menstruating. This can be very frustrating as AF is late and you get BFNs.


Lena - September 22

Michele, we were posting at the same time yesterday so I missed your post. Do you mind sharing how big your cyst was that suffocated your baby?As I mentioned I have two 2.5 cm cysts right now. I know this must be siginificantly smaller than yours but they were only 1.4 mm 5 weeks ago.


Michele - September 22

Lena, I don't remember the exact measurements, that was about 5 years ago, but I do know she said it was about the size of an crushed the baby and also destroyed my left F-tube and ovary which had to be removed. Needless to say i was devastated because we had been trying for so long,,,,but we managed to have a beautiful son and now another son on the way w/ just one ovary. I'm 22 weeks now and i do have another cyst, but it is small and way below the baby, i also had one rupture in the early stages of my pregnancy that took my to my knees in pain....I guess some of us are just more prone to cysts.....they are keeping watch on the one i have now, but like i said, it's small and she is not concerned, plus i'm a little over 5 months so baby is much bigger and stronger.....


Lena - September 22

Thank you for the information. I was curious as I wanted to know how big these cyst could grow before complications. I too had a ruptured cyst 3 years ago. I remember thinking to myself that this must be how a heart attack feels. My mom had a 26 lb cyst removed in 1999 and my sister has had cyst problems during her pg too. I agree that someone people (or family lines) have a greater predisposition for them.


Michele - September 22

Lena, as far as it running in the family, my Mother had a very large, (grapefruit)sized cyst removed from her after she had me, when she and my stepdad, (who i consider my real dad) got married they tried forever to have a baby and she could never conceive. God Bless your Mother, i could not imagine have a cyst that big, i do hope all is okay now. I guess the only thing the docs can do is keep an eye on them and measure them when we go in for our ultrasounds. I did have an amnio at 16 weeks, (I'm 22 now) because of my age, I'm 38 and will be 39 upon Max's birth, and they didn't even mention the cyst, and i was so concerned w/ amnio i didn't ask, so either it's of no real concern or maybe it went away....Lena, i'm sure all will be okay, but just make sure they measure and keep an eye on those thing, they could go away on their own, and most don't pose a threat to the wishes.


Kelly - September 23

I am on day four of the Clomid now and still no side effects. I was told that everyone gets side effects. Is there something wrong with me? No hot flashes, upset stomach, not even any crankiness!


Lena - September 23

Michelle, thanks for the encouragement. I'm only 11 weeks today and my doctor is u/s every week to 2 weeks to keep an eye on them. Ironically, my husband told me just yesterday that he really likes the name Max/Maxwell if we have a boy.


Lena - September 23

Kelly, My first clomid side effects were felt the day before I ovulated. I could a bit of pressure around my ovaries and a slight pain during ovulation. The real side effects like hot flashes and nausea were after I ovulated. When I got pg, the nausea continued through week 5. I then had one glorious nausea-free week before morning sickness started. Everyone's different though. Some woman never feel clomid side effects.


Kelly - September 26

Thanks Lena, I have been looking at all these sites and all the women are complaining I I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me lol. I am on CD11 and feel completely normal. What a freak I am hoping for a side effect so I can tell if it is working.


stephanie - October 12

I'm currently thinking about using clomid. Colud someone tell me how long will it take to get pregnant using it, Can it be as soon as the first time you use it?


Bettie - October 12

I took Clomid to conceive both of my children. My beautiful daughter will be 1 this month and I am about 15 weeks along with baby #2. I am over 35 and have had 2 miscarriages in the past. My doctor explained to me how to take it the first time, but didn't monitor it. I also took progesterone to prevent miscarriage in the beginning of each pregnancy. It took one dose of Clomid the first time and five doeses the second to get preg. My doc is also not recommending much testing as my husband and I had genetic testing done after the last miscarriage and plus, the chance of the tests (amnio) causing miscarriage are greater than the chance that the baby will have downes. Clomid is easy to take and doesn't really need much monitoring. Just keep your cycle chart and call your doc when the home preg test is pos. Good luck!!!!


Kelly - October 13

Well I did not concieve this time unfortunately. Perhaps on round 2 of clomid I will. I did ovulate however. It is just that I got a yeast infection the same day. Has anyone else had a yeast infection caused by clomid? I could have cried when I was told my chances were slim. My period is due Saturday but I have tested negative for pregnancy. :( I ended up having no symptoms at all btw. Not even after ovulation. Well except I had O pain for the first time in my life. It was exciting! Baby dust to you all. perhaps next month will be the lucky one



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