Anyone Used Naturual Progesterone

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BernieB - November 15

Dear all, Does anyone know how sucessful natural progesterone cream is? Are there tablets that can help? I've been reading about the fact that lack in progesterone after ovulation may cause miscarriage. I had a m/c two months ago and am desperate to get pregnant again. dh and I have been trying for two years and I'm currently 37 years old. Should we try a natural progesterone, as I feel it may help (I have slight endometrosis, so that's another problem). Good luck to all with TTC/pregnancies/babies!!!


K - November 15

Hi BernieB, I had a m/c this past Jan and got preg again in June. Right away my doc put me on progesterone gel, the kind that you insert. I used it for the whole first trimester & I'm almost 6 months now. So far everything's fine! I would definately check with your dr about the progesterone! I think it did help me! Good luck to U!! :)


BernieB - November 15

Thanks K, and congrats on the pregnancy, I wish you all the very best :) I'm looking out for anything that may help as there is so much info on the net and I don't know who/what to believe. I prefer natural treatments, as my endometrosis is not as bad since I started acupunture. I'll try some of the suggested progesterone treatments from the chemist and let everyone on the forum know how I go. I find most drs treat me as if I should just go away and let nature take it's course. Unforrtuately (or fortuantely, depending on how you look at it) I am a very young looking 37 year old and every just think, "wow, you are so healthy, you'll get pregnant in a flash". They forget that age is one of the most important factors in getting pg and hormones will start going haywire after the age of 30. I'm glad you have gone on to get pg after a m/c, I really hope it happens for me soon. Thanks again for responding!


to BernieB - November 16

Hi I am 35yrs old at the begining of this year I had a mc due to low progesterone and I did alot of research on this subject and I found that the natural progesterone was the best I used it when I became pregnant again I ordered it from a web site it came in pre measured pump bottle and I used 3 pumps twice a day for the first trimester and then cut down to two pumps twice a day I am now 28wks and only use it one time a day one pump I had great results with no side effects and my pregnancy has been very healthy I have had several sonos and 2 level 2 sonos due to my age and from what I have been told my little guy is doing just great...good luck to you if you want to go to the web site I used the address is and just click on the natural progesterone and it will take you right where you need to be it does not cost very much and they can set you up on a shipping scheldule so you won't run out again good luck to you


Maidencanada - November 16

Hi BernieB, I am 41 and I miscarried in July and am once again pregnant (5w today woohoo!). Even though the doctors believe that the reason I m/c at 10w was chromosonal and not hormonal, I forced my doctor to test my progesterone level because I am also afraid and so the blood test is being checked as we speak. I just wanted to let you know that you are not to old and you can and will get pregnant again. It took me three months to concieve after the miscarriage and they seemed like the longest 3 months of my life. But it does happen and you will get pregnant again. :)



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