Are Any Of You Experiencing Swollen Hands And Feet

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MommyAgain - October 8

I'm so miserable. My hands and feet keep swelling so much that I can't bend my fingers well, had to remove my wedding ring, and its hard to walk on my tight balloon feet. I was just at the doctor and he said everything else looks good, but I need to stay off my feet. 90% bed rest. The thing is, even staying horizontal, I'm still swollen most of the time :( I was told to stay on my left side as much as possible, however when I lay nearly flat - to be on my left side, I can't breathe good. He said otherwise to try and elevate my feet.. again, if my feet are up, that means my back is low and I can't breathe again. How does one get relief? I have a little over 4 weeks yet before the baby is here.


CH - October 8

I am :(. I sleep better on my right side. It hurts when I lie on my left side.I'm 35 weeks. I try to elevate my feet whenever I could and wear comfy shoes/slippers.We have this special elevation bed so it helps just with a touch of a b___ton. Elevate your upper body as well by propping up some extra pillows. I also drink a lot of water.Like you I cannot wear my wedding ring.It's too tight.


MommyAgain - CH - October 8

Before I started having a hard time breathing, I lay on my left side so much that my hip and left leg started hurting. Now when I can manage to lay down my right side is more comfy, but it makes me worry because all the docs say LEFT. I keep telling myself to hang in there, not much longer! Propping pillows does help, but when I'm sat up like that my feet tend to stay swelled due to the blood flow issues. When are you due? We sound like we're close. We're having ours Nov 9th.


CH - October 9

11th :) or thereabouts --you never know *lol. My doctor said to lie down where/how it's's OK.


Tammy - October 9

I have the same thing. When I walk down the steps in the morning, my feet kill me from being so swollen. I too, went to the doctor and they said everything was fine. I had previously gained 17 pounds but in the last 2 weeks, I gained 8 pounds. I get up so frequently at night the swelling doesn't have a chance to go down. I am 37 weeks, 2 days and cannot wait......They are sending me for an ultrasound and a non-stress test on Tuesday so maybe...


Sheila - October 10

I do too! In fact both my arms hurt from this.


c - October 10

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my first (due Nov 11th) and I'm in a similar situation too. I didn't have any swelling until about two weeks ago. Now my hands and feet swell if I take a short walk or even clean the house. However, I noticed that if I elevate my feet and hands and/or ice them, it helps. If I work at my computer, I use either a footstool or the bar underneath the computer table to keep my feet raised, which helps too. You can always dip a bandana in water and then put it in the freezer to ice your hands and feet, which can help reduce the swelling even if it sounds silly.



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