Are Doctors Freaking You Out

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sahmof3 - July 7

I'm 31 and done having kids, but I have a question for the over 35's? So many of my friends over 35 are getting freaked out by their doctors and sent for a million u/s's and then everything's fine. With my neighbor they kept saying the baby's head was disproportionately small, but it wasn't when she was born. Another friend was told that her baby's limbs were short and it might be Down's Syndrome. They did a blood test and it wasn't, but then they told her the baby would have dwarfism. At that point she was soo upset she refused any more tests or u/s's and her baby was born completely normal. Are any of you being freaked out this way?


Perl - July 7

Not freaked out but optimistically cautious. I would imagine that if I had children when I was under 35 there would have been a lot fewer tests involved and pregnancy might have been a little less stressful but on the other hand, being the worry wart that I am I'd probably just drive myself crazy and get no rea__surance from all the tests that I've gotten during my pregnancy since I'm 37. I guess my doctors are a little more diplomatic and cautious than your poor friends' doctors. I hope they switched Drs.


venus_in_scorpio - July 7

im only 20 and my doctors have been doing that to me... I dont have any genetic predisposition to genetic or chromosomal abnormalities but I swear to god every time I go in for an ultrasound they want to send me to the high risk doctor because they "see" something that turns out not being there so I cant imagine what theyre putting poor thirty-somethings through since im 20 and theyre putting me through hell.


sahmof3 - July 8

Perl, my neighbor's baby was her 5th and last, so she doesn't have to worry about it again. My other friend is now 39 and soon due w/ #2, but she now lives in another state and hasn't had any scares with this doctor.



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