Are You Will You Be A Stay Home Or Working Mother

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MommyAgain - May 16

I'll be a full time stay at home mother this time around. I am very fortunate to have a hubby that prefers me home. In the past, I raised my boys alone. I have been a working mother, a working 2 jobs mother, a going to college mother, even a few moments as a welfare mother.. the past was a rough time, and very lonely to boot. I'm so very blessed to have such a wonderful hubby in my life. This is such a great time for us :)


mom35 - May 16

Hey mom again you sound kinda like I do........I am fortuante enough to were i can stay home also this time. I am working know but I have 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your time, much dust to ya !!!!!!


PH - May 17

I have to work! I'll have an extra mouth to feed. I'm not marrying my bf. He's changed since I'm pregnant and I'm so very sad. I allowed this to happen for him! He wanted a child so bad. Now he shows his true colors and thinks I'll stick around bc i'm preg. He's got another thing coming. I feel so stupid for bringing a child into this life.


mom35 - May 17

PH- don't feel stupid. You are responsible for this life, you are going to be a MOMMY- you should be proud. Who knows maybe your bf will change after the baby. Have you ever thought that this is a transitioning period for him as well? You guys may need to talk and let your fellings flow. Good Luck


Jessy - May 23

I'm a stay at home mommy of 2 going on 3..I quit work as soon as I got married and was pregnant 2 weeks after the wedding! It was hard at first, and we thought I would have to work and tried some home businesses (he never wanted me to HAVE to work, but we both considered a home-based business to be an exception) but nothing really came of them...but it's funny how things change over time. The more experience my husband had in his field the more he made everytime...when we first got married he started out at $10 per hour and it slowly went up to $11, $12, $15, then $17 and suddenly (recently) jumped to anywhere from $35k to $280k per year (due to comission-based work)-all in just 5 years of marriage! I guess the resumes just kept looking more impressive every year and he finally has a career and company he is very proud of! It took awhile, but I'm glad I stayed at home with the kids the whole while, they are wonderful and I wouldn't want to miss a bit of their growing little lives! Now luckily I don't HAVE to miss it! I can't understand why anyone would actually CHOOSE to! But I know plenty of women who HAVE to out of necessity, just hold on, and their could be plenty of hope for your future! For you, PH, if your BF doesn't change, their could be another wonderful man out there for you, it just might take some time and patience..yes we have to pay for all the mistakes we make in this life, and you might feel stupid right now, but how you RESPOND to those decisions is what REALLY changes your life..mostly your character...a baby can be a very refining tool for your character because the responsibility is SO great! I know that with each child, my husband became MORE responsible for little things he never used to be concerned about! He helps me more, has more patience than before, understands me more, relationships are hard and take time...but I can honestly say that our lives would be VERY different if we didn't have kids right away...the responsibility of having kids can be the driving force in people's lives' to accomplish a goal, where there might not have been one before. But my husband is more open to change than most men I've met...which is what attracted me to him in the first place. Even though he wasn't perfect at first..he was moldable..not to be exactly what I WANT but what I NEED. So if your guy is not open to change, he may not change, but if he's open to change, that's a relationship with great potential for future happiness..honesty and forgiveness are obviously important as well..those are MUSTS for both of you or you have plenty of heart-ache in store for yourselves and if you yourself don't even have it, maybe having that little one will teach you! by the way, my husband was promoted due to his humility and willingness to learn from anyone who knew more than him. Those are great attributes..if he has them EVEN in the workplace where he's "supposed to know everything already" then most likely he will be a good man and a good father. If your guy cannot humble himself for anything, watch out! But good luck, either way, if you have trouble talking things out, then you probably should get some counseling, and if he's even open to that, AND openly admit his faults to a stranger, then there is hope he might change! Good Luck to you all, and God Bless you with your little ones!


mel - August 29

i will sacrafice to stay home with my baby , it will be a few years before kindergarten and these years are sooo important. If you need to stop spending money on fast food for dinner and or lunch so you can save alot of money and watch the little expenses that add up to the MOST spending. Ladies please stay with your baby for this short time , you will manage, BEILIEVE me , i am not rich but budgeting really matters . That baby NEEDS you full time. NOT some stranger caring for YOUR baby, it DOES matter.


Linda - August 29

I would LOVE to stay home with my baby, as my mom did with me and my brothers. However, my bf has it in his head that because his mom worked in all of her life and is a workoholic and very strong that all women should work and be this way. He goes by the saying "if she can, you can". Opinions please!



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