At 7 Weeks I Look Like 4 Months

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Patti - September 4

Hi, everyone ... I'm 42 and expecting my third child. Although I carried big with both of my boys, I seem to be carrying TWICE as big with this baby! I am already in maternity clothes, and people are forever how many months I am. Is anyone in a similar boat??!! I understand that my changes of twins is higher because of my age, but my ultrasound is not scheduled until 09/22.


Cindy - September 7

When I was pregnant with my 2nd I was almost immediately in maternity clothes! My tummy swelled so quickly - plus most of my clothes were form-fitting and I felt it reallllly showed. Embrace your size and relax in maternity clothes! If you are having twins....the very best wishes to you ... what a blessing :)


Maureen - September 14

Hi Patti-thanks for asking this question! I am 42 (43 in 3 weeks) and am about 6 weeks pregnant. I feel like my stomache is so poochy. I have read that I could be really bloated which I'm trying to eat better to counter-act because I didn't count on shopping so early for maternity clothes or telling the world until at least I hit 12 weeks. Oh well, I DO love to shop! Take care! ;-)


marcey - September 20

I am five weeks and on my third. Give me my elastic waists and larger b___st holding blouses!!! My stomache was never close to flat after two--but within one month of being pregnant with my third, I had that lower, round look that made my area right under the bra line look even smaller. I am thrilled to be in my momma clothes---some of my not too bright friends were more concerned that if something went "wrong," I would have already let so many people know by wearing materninty clothes, that it would be uncomfortable for me to be around them. My answer to that---If something did go wrong I would not mind people knowing so that they would understand where my sadness was coming from---I certainly would not hide it like a shameful thing. Best wishes and enjoy this ride---it is a "best time of your life" experience."



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