Baby Aspirin During 1st Trimester

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KaCee - February 26

I am 39 and pregnant after two miscarriages. My doctor put me on progersterone but also told me to take one baby aspirin each day. What does this do? Has anyone tried it?


Toni1 - February 27

My doc also put me on one low-dose asprin a day in the 1st trimester (I'm 36 yo). She said it was to help circulation to the placenta because my blood test were off even though my CVS showed my baby was fine. The good news is that I am now 25 weeks and everything seems to be progressing normally. I go for another u/s this Friday to make sure she is still growing properly (she was right where she was suppose to be - growth wise - at 20w5d) and the amniotic fluid sufficient. Hope this helps...


Karol - February 27

The baby asprin is to help prevent blood clots especially in the placenta.


tryingx3 - February 28

I am on one baby aspirin a day as 10 weeks. Woo hoo. Lost 2 previously. Has anyone read that you should go off of it around 36 weeks or so?


Julie - March 2

My Doctor had me do the same thing. Don't know why. But I am now 22 weeks. Good luck!!


Roya - March 13

I am 35 and have had 3 m/c's in a row. All my blood tests and scans have been normal. My dr. said that I will need to take a baby asprin plus daily injections of heparin shots as soon as I get pregnant.


tryingx3 - March 14

Best wishes Roya!


Motri - March 15

Anyone have any experience with progesterone shots in oil? I had one last week, period was due - was told to take pregnancy test, if negative, discontinue. Had all symptoms of period, did test, negative, didn't do shot, 2 days later, still no period but symptoms. Doctor told me progesterone can delay period but for how long? And how do you calculate your days then?


lovemy3 - March 19

Hi. I was put on a daily baby aspirin for my 2nd child but not my 1st or 3rd. I have a history of preeclampsia and after a uterine artery test at 20 weeks my dr put me on a daily baby aspirin, Vit C and Vit E till 34 weeks. I delivered at 36 weeks with pre-e again. I also had heparin needles after my c-section to prevent blood clots.


tryingx3 - March 20

I just read somewhere that increase calcium might help with pre-eclampsia, I'm gonna ask next visit as my Grave's Disease (thyroid disease) is known to cause pre-eclampsia.


christa0120 - March 27

baby aspirin in my opinion is the best! I conceived once I started it (after long IF) I carried my son while on it (yes heperin too). Aspirin inhibits platlets from forming clots hence it helps circulation. The more blood circulation the more oxygen and nutrients are able to be delivered. Why stop it at 34 wks? because it keeps you from clotting...give birth, you bleed...lots...don't stop ...problem...follow me? as for the PIO. Progesterone when high prevents your progesterone decreases your cycle begins. No telling how long it will take your body to metabolise the progesterone to start cycle. tryingx3...I had graves too. Aweful! I am not hypo as I had my thyroid removed. And...I will definately try and find anything on calcium and pre eclampsia as I had that while pg with my son.


christa0120 - March 27

yeah, just checked on that clacium vs failed. Calcium does NOT prevent ot delay pre/eclampsia BUMMER!!!


tryingx3 - March 28

christa0120, my thyroid is hyper, graves was not diagnosed until already pg. Take PTU and see dr every 4 weeks. Chance of baby developing goiter in neck, so they will monitor that as well, will deliver early if show signs. Bummer on the calcium, although what I expected. My high risk ob said the pre-eclampsia is determined EARLY in the pregnancy (like from the beginning). I had asked if there was anything I could do to prevent it. Obviously once you have it, you have precautions to take to help with symptoms.


Christa0120 - March 28

tryingX3... sorry for the typos... I HAD Graves 10 yrs ago (yes, very hyper) I had my thyroid removed and am now HYPO and need synthroid because I no longer have a thyroid. Hope all goes well with you


Dora - March 28

I had my transfer 16 days ago and just go the very good news that I'm pregnant. So, my husband has been administering the progesterone in oil injections into my hip muscle since the retrieval 19 days ago. I never feel a thing because we are using "EMLA" numbing cream, have your doctor prescribe this for you, it really works for me, but some ladies have said they still feel something. To be honest my subcutaneous injections were more painful than this IM one that we were both dreading the most. Hope this helps on the progesterone question.


lovemy3 - March 29

i took baby aspirin starting at 20 weeks in prevention of past preeclampsia history, it seemed to help the blood flow in my placenta although I did get preeclampsia agin but mildly and not until 36 week.


nan - March 31

Kacee, Im on 1 low dose aspirin a day(100mgs in Australia) to prevent m\cs. I had 3 m\cs in a row and blood tests revealed I had Antinuclear Antibodies in my blood, which the rheumatologist says had nothing to do with the loses, but has put me on the Aspirin just in case. I also am pregnant (by accident) and I'm worried sick. I hope the Aspirin will help! Good Luck with your pregnancy. I feel like I'm getting AF all the time and I'm going nuts!



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