Bed Rest And Workout

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micci - November 6

Hi all. My dr put me on mild bed rest (with limited activity at home) for shortened cervix (2.5). im 23w3d and feeling pretty depressed and isolated from my family and my active routine. I had to give up a busy workout routine (daily 3-4 mile run) as well. my dr agreed to my plan of 1 h swimming daily (just slow lap) to keep me sane (as it the only workout that puts no pressure on the cervix). wondering wether anyone heard of this or done this. Other possible solutions? I have more than 10 weeks to go, i'll go nuts !!! ?


MNMOM - November 8

hang in there and do as your dr says, it is for the health of your baby! In the grand scheme of things, 10 weeks of bedrest is nothing compared to a baby who comes 10 weeks early and has months of NICU and possibly long term negative effects of being a preemie!


hjkim69 - December 10

I was put on bed rest at 28 weeks. I am a first grade teacher and also used to being active. I was even doing martial arts in the early stages of pregnancy. I'm on the same type as you are...have to stay home with limited movement. It's not fun to sit, however, when I don't listen and I do too much, I pay the price. I end up having a ton of contractions and I just feel horrible. I would recommend that you do what the dr. says also and take it easy. You can always excercise after the baby comes and it would be a lot more fun with a healthy baby than having to leave your little munchkin in the hospital while you go home. Enjoy the won't be resting much very soon.


micci - December 10

hi kim. i also noticed the correlarion between activity level and contractions. its just that im still concerned about the side effects of longterm bedrest - headaches, constipation, hip and back pains, and compromised bloodcirculation, a deteriorated body condition altogether, that may be a real disadvantage in the face of the stranious effort of labor.



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