BFP Again Hope This One Stays

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julie2007 - October 30

hi ladies - i am pregnant for the 3rd time this year. 2 miscarriages - and just recently got prego this time with injectibles perhaps via IUI on my 40th bday. . . or as DH would like to think later that night. ha ha. -- i am scared to bits!! i cannot imagine having to have another m/c and d&c . . . this pregnancy so far has not been anything like the other 2 this year -- but in a scary way - i have NO SYMPTOMS. no sore bbs - no peeing all the time - no nausea - but i had my 1st hcg (480) and the 2nd was almost 1100. so things are doubling - and they started out pretty high -- but that's it -- is it normal not to have ANYTHING going on? i called my RE's ofc today - to see and they are going to bring me in for my 1st u/s on thursday. i am 5w today. anyone have any positive thoughts to share?


Kristin72 - December 21

I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! How is everything going for you? How old are this your first? Update when you can. :)


happpygal - December 29

Hi Julie: I am almost 45 now and conceived my 14 month old son when I was 43. LIke you, I had no symptoms at all untll about 7 weeks along. No sore b___bs, no neausea, nothing. I could not believe I was pregnant because I generallyl had bad PMS. In fact, I felt great! So, don't worry, it can be totally normal to be symptom free. Changes are, you're symptoms will kick in, so enjoy the free ride while you can. Congrats, sounds like things are going well!


Boo b do - December 29

Hi Julie, see if you can get some progesterone suppositories, if you have not already been given some, I've had two m/c's this year, with out having used these. I am currently pg with twins (was triplets, naturally conceived). I was given some by my ob/gyn this time had used them up until the end of week 12 and am currently 17 + weeks now. A lot of dr's don't actually beleive they help, but they can do no harm either. It is said that they help the baby to 'stick'. Apparently there are older women just who do not produce enough progesterone. I'm glad my ob/gyn bleived in its usage with pregnancy. Good luck to you, keep us updated on your progress.



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