Blood Test Results Red Flagged And Amnio

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FrancesM - January 30

I am 39 years old. I had the first trimester scan last week. It came back showing a high risk for Trisomy 18 and 13. They told me that there is 4% chance there could be (not is but could be) something wrong and a 96% that everything is ok. They also said this could be an indicator that there might be a problem later in the pregnancy like Preeclampsia and may have nothing to do with the baby. My blood pressure has been running high so they are keeping an eye on it. I was just wondering if anyone has had any testing come back with a "red flag" and what did you do...Thanks!


Hoping2BaMom - February 4

Hi Frances...My first trimester screening showed a chance of 1 in 72. I struggled with getting the CVS because my first pregnancy ended at 15 weeks (January 2006), roughly 4 weeks after my first CVS test. I did end up getting the test for this the last minute, later than my doctor usually performs them and after squeezing me into his schedule. I am currently roughly 24 weeks and everything has been perfect so far. By the way, I am 40.


lovemy3 - February 4

hi there, same thing happened to me at 16b weeks. my ips test came back at 1/46 for ds. t21. we decided not to do amnio and waited it out. i was told the same thing about placental issues and i did have preeclampsia in 3 pregnancies. i delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl on jan 31st. try not too worry.


FrancesM - February 5

Hey Ladies, thank you SO much for posting here. I am still on the fence with the amnio. I am 13w4d so I still have some time. I did not want to to the cvs for sure. It scared me too much. I am so glad to hear the great outcome for both of you. That helps a lot. My test showed 1/25 for T18/T13...It should be 1/250 for my age. It should have been a .5 chance according to the chart and mine came back a 4% chance. That still gives me a 96% chance that everything is perfect. The T21 test was just fine so no worries there. I have no idea what to do...My regular ob said the odds are IN my favor so I don't know what I am going to do. I appreciate the input. Thanks again.


docmom - February 11

I tested 1:63 for Down's, and opted for the amnio. I just needed to know for myself. I felt pretty rea__sured with the safety of the amnio. (It came out okay). I've heard of people coming back 1:4 for down's and still having a normal amnio. Have they offered you any genetic counseling? What they have to say may help you make your decision. Good luck.


FrancesM - February 13

Hi Docmom, yes we met with a genetics counselor and went thru all of the family history and all of that was ok. I am leaning towards amnio just for peace of mind. According to the blood work and u/s, I am not at an increase risk for is the other 2 that I am worried about. Thanks for the input.



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