Breast Feeding Query

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elizabear - January 23

I have had a problem with having papilliary legions in my milk ducts. I br___t fed my daughter 17 years ago, flowed like the nile was 19 when i had her. Two years ago I had a blackish tar substance as a discharge from my left br___t and went to the dr to have it investigated, long story short had day surgery to remove a milk duct, it seems that legions grow in the ducts sometimes when they are not used. This has since healed and with my pregnancy I am having no concerns of having milk, as I am leaking already. The problem being that I have this problem on the right, and have been referred to the surgeon as no doubt I will have to have the surgery on my right side. Bringing me to the question, if there is no problem with blockage on my left, would it be fine to feed on the one side and suppliment with bottle or best to leave it be allow my body to heal quickly and just bottle feed. I would like some thoughts or if anyone has had this issue, as I want to have a range of questions to take to the surgeon when I go, I am fairly sick of thinking of the questions after i see them, and sometimes it is hard to get a staight answer. The minds of many women seem to cover a larger area I have often found. None of my friends have gone through or know anyone else with this problem hence why I have come here. thanks in advance for thoughts on the issue.


tryingx3 - January 26

I have a friend who has bf 2 children with only one b___st - due to something that happened to her earlier in life. She hasn't had to supplement or anything - the body adjusted to what was needed.


tryingx3 - January 26

She bf both past 1 year...


elizabear - January 27

Thanks tryingx3, good to hear, that it can be done and that the body adjusts. Have asked the doctors but they have given no answers.


tryingx3 - February 4

Probably have better luck contacting a lactation consultant or La Leche League - my experience was that pediatricians and ob's were not necessarily the most "experienced" with b___stfeeding. :-)



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