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cat47 - October 16

I am 47 yrs old and 7 wks off the birth control pill (orthotricyclenlo) and have not resumed my period. I want very much to conceive another child & pregnancy tests have been negative. I saw my doc who said that he sees no reason why I cannot conceive & that I am probably post pill amenorreah. He did bloodwork to confirm but now says I am menopausal. I am crushed because now he tells me I may never get my period again. I am finding this hard to believe and very upsetting. I was getting my period regularly on the pill and I do not feel menopausal. I am crushed at the thought that I cannot conceive or will never get my period again. I have read many conflicting things on the internet, including bloodwork is unreliable to test for menopause although my doc seemed certain. Can anyone offer me hope? Has anyone been in or know of someone in a similar situation? Is it possible my system is just out of whack ?


in the woods - October 16

I am confused. Did you have periods while on the pill? Did your periods stop when you got off the pill, 7 weeks ago?


cat47 - October 17

yes I had my period regularly while on the pill which is why i am so confused as to how i suddenly can be in menopause with my doc saying i will never get my period again. i'm devastated by this news and dont know what to do.


in the woods - October 18

I don't know if you looked through this board, pages and pages back? Women getting to the nitty gritty of their own fertility - technical, medical, biological detail. There are methods to revitalize and/or help your fertility, you just have to be willing to get into those details. Search for books on fertility, google for it. Clomid? IVF? FSH? Thickness of your uterus? What exactly are they testing for menopause? Those type of things.


in the woods - October 18

Was the doctor an infertility specialist? The one that should investigate and determine what the problem is. One of the most importrant thing is to determine the quality of your eggs, and go from there.


crazybaby - November 5

hi i always thought that when you are on the pill when you had a period /bleed that it wasnt a true period but a forced one that is what i was led to believe may be thats why you stopped when you came of the pill.check it out tho i may be wrong im 43 and hoping for another baby too good lick


crazybaby - November 5

sorry meant to say good luck,



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