Can You Feel Implantation

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Theresa - January 29

I have been feeling small pinchs one my lower have not painful but a bother. Just wondering if anyone knows if you could feel when the egg is implanting?


krnj - January 29

Hi I had implantation bleeding. I was really crampy for a few hours like I was getting my period, and had spotting on & off for about 2 days, then it went away. I thought I was just having a weird period but I turned out to be pregnant! Hope this helps! Good luck!


L - January 30

My implantation cramping was very distinctive, on one side and was felt from my ovary to my v____a. At the time I asked on the "Problems Getting Preg" boards if this could be implantation cramping and a majority of people said that their cramping felt the same. A few other people commented that they had a very sharp, localized pain on one side for about 1-2 hrs. Like you mentioned that pain that I felt didn't hurt but was noticeable.


leslie - February 8

It would eight days after possible comception and I am having period like cramping. I do not if I am pregnant, but I do know it is way too early for my period.


natachade - February 19

Hi on the 16th I did a test and found out that I was pregnant. Then that morning i started spotting brownish. So I am thinking implantation because my period was not due till the 19th.. So this morning did another test and still postive. So right now i went to the bathroom and notice a bit of more red then brown. I hope I am not having a miscarriage. My first baby I never bleed but this one is different. I 'm worried, Could someone tell me it's nothing to cramping also but very light.


lastchance - October 29

I ovulated 6 days ago and am waiting to see if I have conceived... Right now I am feeling cramping and its WAY too early for my period (which is extremly regular 25 days, and a few times it has been 26.) Its still 11 days away! I NEVER feel cramps unless its the day before my period arrives... and of corse the first 2 days of.... so, its been about 6 days since fertilization would have occurred... and I am pretty sure that something is going on. ( My cramos don't normally hit down to my... external female organs like this.) Something new...


ladyfro - November 21

Hello, I'm new to this site. I'm married, over 30yrs old, and a mother of 3 children. I've miscarried a 3wk embroy before, but this is different. I started spotting brown 11/16/07. Today 11/21/07 it's a regular flow. Not suppose to start my period til 11/23/07. Their had been some tightening, cramping, and feeling nausea during this time. No tender nipples, that usually happens a week before my period and during my period. Can someone please help me?



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