Car Accident Got Reassurance

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Bimko - February 1

Last week, At 16-1/2 weeks, was involved in a car accident, from which the impact literally lifted me out of my seat. Of course I had my seatbelt on, but since my belly still isn't quite large enough to wedge the belt under, it has a tendency to slip back up across my abdomen. Flutters I had started feeling a couple of weeks before the accident haven't come back convincingly since. Doc said as long as I wasn't bleeding or cramping, probably no worries - flutters from babies this young just aren't consistent enough to be a consideration. It's still another week 'til my next appointment, and am terrified that he'll put that Doppler on and get no heartbeat. Even if baby is mostly okay, could it have suffered a physical injury in there, like a broken arm or a concussion? Has anybody been there? I'm just looking for some reassurance...


Tracy88 - February 1

Your baby is probably fine. He/she is floating around in there at week 16, so there was probably no impact to the child at all. If you are worried about movement, call and tell the phone nurse what happened and that you are having anxiety over it and don't think you can wait until your appt. I did that once so they let me come me in that afternoon just to hear the heartbeat, and I kept my appt. for the following week as well. Babies also tend to be very inconsistent with their movement. I am in week 24 and my wee-one keeps changing her pattern. She used to be very active in the morning and then at 10pm, and now she is only active mid-afternoon and at midnight. At this point in your pregnancy it is hard to feel most of their movement anyway. I have been to ultrasounds during which the baby was bouncing off the walls, but I felt nothing. Good luck to you!!! Don't worry, I'm sure you are fine, but get checked out soon for peace of mind.


orchidmom - February 2

I feel so sorry about what you've gone through... I'm putting my finger cross for you..



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