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m - May 26

This is def an over 35 Q. Hoping someone has experience. I'm almost 40, I've been rather trim all my life, that is until the past 2 years or so, where blubber has crept up on my waist, below my bra line on my back, my butt is drooping and the backs of my legs are getting cellulite. Being pregnant now, I am wondering how in the world to get rid of all this extra blubber, and dimply like skin after the baby is born. Like is it possible to actually get rid of this "fat" under the skin? Has anyone done exercises/diet and you can actually get back your old "trim" skin? Or is this just a fact of life? I know I can exercise to help myself out, but what about that dimply saggy skin. Can it really go away? i was trying on some maternity clothes today, and I kinda got bummed about not being "young" anymore.


Bree - May 27

Well my advice is for AFTER you have the baby, but you can use some common sense right now. I lost about 50 pounds and eliminated cellulite I had for years. How you ask? Well, it wasn't easy or quick, but the good old fashioned way. I began to research everything I could about exercise and diet and it's pretty simple. #1) start walking, every day. Slowly increase your speed and distance and pick up your pace a little along and along. Before you know it you can start adding jogging spurts while walking. I got up to jogging a mile and a half a day. Alternating your patterns keeps your body from getting used to one thing. Power walk one day, jog the next, switch it up doing a little of both the next, then regular walking a much longer distance the next time, maybe. #2) Clean up your diet. The first thing you MUST do is to CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED CARBS! That means any junk food, chips, cake, desert pastry, donuts and anything "processed". If it's in a box and has a huge list of ingredients of things you cannot pronounce, it's bad news. If it has anything "hydrogenated" it's BAD! When you've got the junk out, start evaluating the "good' carbs. Cut back a little along and along. I DO NOT promote atkins diet. I believe in a balanced diet. You want the majority of your diet to be from whole foods. Look for whole wheat bread (I love dark german wheat by pepridge farm). Natural peanut b___ter by smuckers is awesome. Add almonds and walnuts (in moderation). Salmon has wonderful nutrients and essential fatty acids that does promote fat loss. #3) 5# hand weights. Alternate days of cardio (walking/jogging) with doing a challenging routine of hand weights. You can find out endless exercises on the internet. Again, I don't advise this until after the baby, but I promise you with hard work and dedication you will love the way you look. People still can't believe me. Now I'm pregnant and have gained a few lbs myself. I'm just sooooooooooooo lazy. For now, I'd say a good idea is to walk daily and cut your bad/processed carbs and you will improve. I wish you the best of luck.


m - May 27

wow, that's alot of adjustment but it does sound do-able. I appreciate your advice. I just am so bummed about the cellulite. It isn't really bad, but I def see it, and I don't even want to be in a bathing suit again, but I love the beach. I feel like age is creeping up on me, but I really want to do something about it. I guess also because I'll be raising a child again, and I don't want to feel like an "older" mom, I want to be out there just like when I was a young mom. I'm definitely not going to work on the weight issue now, certainly after the baby though. It's something I feel like I must do. I'm just worried that I'll do all the dieting and exercise, but still be left with that stinkin' cellulite. I just today saw a clip on the news about different therapies to help smooth the 'dermis' - there were a couple of things like ma__sage, and using caffeinated creams, one person did some kind of heat lamp and ma__sage, and others did lipo-suction. I'd be afraid of lipo, though. Well, thanks for the advice Bree. Appreciate hearing about your experience and that there is HOPE!


Dot - May 28

Hi Bree and M. It's so cool that we can chat about these things here. I'm 37 and 20 weeks preg. with my 2nd child. I'm tall and slim but have always had a high fat content, so what weight I do put on comes in the form of cellulite. ugh. I remember when I had my c-section and my doctor was talking me through the procedure, he said, "Now I'm coming up to a layer of fat -- oh yes, that's a good amount of fat." ha! I really didn't need to hear that. Back to now, I was finding it really hard to get motivated to walk in the first trimester but I'm enjoying it now and it's gotta be good for the baby and my mental frame of mind. It's sad how over recent years everything has started to sag and droop! Wish we could all go for a walk together! Oh, and swimming is excellent during pregnancy... good luck!


m - May 28

Hi Dot, maybe that's what happens with me, my fat just acc_mulates as cellulite in the skin. I'm not in general "fat", just have this newfound blubbery, saggy appearance. I really hate the blubber under my bra line. The bugs me bad. It's like a roll, can't stand it. Sometimes I see woman while shopping, who are obviously over 40, and they look so trim, like they don't have an ounce of fat anywhere, and I wonder what's their secret? They don't look like they're exercise buffs, they just look fat deficient. No blubbery waste, saggy bottom, etc. Some of this must be in the genes. My mom was a bit blubbery but not overweight. But she didn't exercise at all. So maybe exercise is the key. After baby I'll start doing floor exercises and walking (whenever I have the time!), and try to keep my diet contents in check.



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