Clomid I Need Help

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[email protected] - February 4

I am 40 years old. My insurance does not cover fertility drugs. Does anyone know where to order clomid on line legally? I would like some advice on taking the medication.


JanInBama - February 6

I don't know if they would help you out but sometimes if you'll contact the company that makes the drug -- I think they will help you out?! It's worth a try?


Val - February 6

I don't know where to get clomid online. But my insurance didn't cover fertility tx and I still went to a specialist... it was about $300 for the visit and then I think the clomid was about $50/month. I would recommend seeing a Dr. (if you haven't already) rather than self-prescribing so at least you have some sort of monitoring going on. Some doctors do a lot of monitoring (ultrasounds, testing, etc.) on clomid and others don't. Mine didn't, but he only wanted me to take it for 3 months - he said that after that the effectiveness goes down. It would also be good to get some of your hormone and other levels checked to get a better picture of what is going on (such as FSH, progesterone, etc.) and so that you can do the right tx. How long have you been ttc? Good luck to you!


JorjaLane - February 9

You can buy clomid from without rx.


OMGtrips - February 17

Help Dr put me on clomid we are haveing tripletes.Iam so afraid i am 19 weeks three girls.please prey for us i sure didnt think i had anything to worry about.that was the first stupid thing i did but i am happy buf very afraid.i had gastric bypa__s 2 years ago lost 300 lbs hernias from belly b___ton to brestbone mesh holding guts in all the way down had it replaced two times im pulled si tight they dont know how much i can stretch im huge already .i am so afraid dr wants me to go in the hospital for bed rest i cant leave my baby boy we adopted he is the bomb.he is perfect he will be so lost without me he is so hooked on me well he loves dad too but he is my best bud .Dad says they will be fine he will bring the baby everyday but its just not the same me is going to take time off of work because he doesnt trust anyone one with our wolderful baby boy.he is such a good father he is so proud of our baby boy .He wants to get as close as i am with him he works 12 ours 6 days a week but he still spends lots of time with the baby i dont know how he holds his head up at night let alone hold play feed change our son he wont let me do anything hardly for him when he is home well sorry this is so long!


Tracy88 - February 18

I went to an OB/Gyn who was on my insurance plan and who would also prescribe clomid. Some Gynecologists won't, but there are some out there who do, so it is just a matter of finding one that does. This OB/Gyn also does preliminary fertility testing and somehow manages to have it covered by insurance. After 3 failed cycles of clomid, and no "failed tests", I decided it was time to move to a fertility specialist and just pay out of pocket for everything else. I am now 27 weeks PG after one cycle of injectables.



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