Clomid Did You Take It

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Carly67 - January 24

Hi I am 40 and have four children my youngest is 9 months and I am due to start clomid on CD 5. I conceived all my other children naturally and easy but I have had two m/c since my baby was born and feel time is running out so my OB is trying Clomid for me. I want to know if anyone my age or older has used it and if you had success. Please share.


LoriL - January 27

I am 37 and trying for another child. My youngest and only is 15. My doc also recomended clomid I started this cyle. I took it 3-7 and am on CD18. I ovulated yesterday or the daybefore. What dosage are you taking?


FrancesM - January 28

Carly, hey it is me Frances from over at the Clean Slate, this has nothing to do with your question but I wanted to ask you something. I don't know if you have been on the CS today to see what is going on. Being that you are 40 and have a 9 month old, what testing did you do? I had some blood work come back with a red flag although the u/s was great, I am 38 and will be 39 when I deliver. I was wondering how your results came back if you had any testing. Thanks and sorry I can not help you on the clomid...


MNMOM - January 30

Girls - I have 2 wonderful boys thanks to clomid. I am not "advanced maternal age" so I can't speak to the success of clomid in women over 35, but it seems to me that the drs must think it will help or they wouldn't suggest giving it a try. Good luck!


dreamers9999 - January 30

Hi everyone, I am 39 and do not have any children and TTC. I have just finished my last round (3rd month) of clomid. I took them days 3-7. By my BBT it looks like I ovulated on cd 10 (temp dipped to 95.8). Since then my temps have raised but not very high. They have stayed at a min of 96.2 but only got as high as 97.1....Does this mean it is a bust because my temps are so low? I know I sound eager but I have been TTC for a very long time and I figured this is the last month I am going to take temps ect (has been too stressful)


LoriL - January 30

what is your current CD. I have read tha you can O 5-8 days after your last day of clomid. I have been using this electronic bbt chart. I found it at url tcoyf. you get 15 free trial days. Try it. Also have you been checking your CM? when it's like eggwhite. that is a good sign you are or are about to O. hope this helps


dreamers9999 - January 31

Good morning, I am currently on cd 17. I heard that too about clomid that it is usually about 5-10 after your last pill. I am almost positive I ovulated on cd10 which was 3 days after my last clomid. My temp that day was 95.8 and since then my BBT has raised to 96.2, 96.8, 97.1 (avg) and today is 98.1. I was just thinking that the 96 temps are very low after O. Has anyone had this low of temps after O. And thank you for the information.


nola41 - January 31

Hi - I am 41 and ttc my first child. I've had 2 unsuccessful IUI's with clomid and found out yesterday that my FSH was at 13, up from 11.5. I am starting to feel desperate and so depressed. Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


Carly67 - January 31

Lori I am taking 50mg on CD 5-9. Just took my last pill this morning.


Carly67 - January 31

Nola how far apart where your fsh drawn and on what CD? Is it possible that it is the Clomid that is making it go up since it is stimulating your ovaries? I think that Clomid would do that since it is causing you to ovulate and release more eggs so the FSH has to go up while on it right? I can't find any answers on that though. Hmmm, maybe you could ask your doctor. What do they say about your fsh?


nola41 - February 1

Hi Carly, my fsh was checked on cd 3. Not sure about the clomid factor. I'll ask my RE when I go in on cd 12 for my us and hcg injection. Thanks for your response. I am just praying for 1 healthy baby in my life and I need all the support I can get. Thanks again...



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