Closing In On Due Date Need Advise

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BabyMakes7 - April 27

Hi all, I am in need of advice. I want to take my care into my own hands, but not foolishly. I am 37.5 weeks along, and have had zero health issues. I am also, however, 45 years old. All my tests have come back terrific, even the ones at the genetic counseling center. SO here's my dilemma. I have four beautiful children, the youngest of whom is 9, however with each and every pregnancy I was induced post dates. At my exam Thursday...I was 50% effaced, soft, and "MAYBE" fingertip, with my cervix "still in your tonscils." At this point, the doctor told me that she doesn't want me going past my due date. This is only based on advanced maternal age. It is my preference to wait, see what happens and if I can avoid the pitocin drip and go spontaneously. She said that we have an issue, in that the hospital has in the past 6 months inst_tuted a policy whereby mothers who need the cervix ripening drugs have to be at least a week overdue, and she doesn't want me to be...again...solely because of my age. What would you do in my situation? I don't want to be foolish and insist on going past my due date, however, I want to give this baby every chance of coming on it's own, without the intervening measures. Any advice would be appreciated, especially from those of you of "advanced maternal age" LOL. :) Andrea


BabyMakes7 - April 27

OOPS...make that need advice! ;)


Kristin72 - April 27

Hi BabyMakes7, If I were in your situation I would want to wait for my due date or atleast one week past due. If the baby is not in any stress and you have had a fairly uneventful should be given the opportunity to let this baby go into labour without the pitocin and other ripening means. It is your baby, your pregnancy, and to have some control over the outcome if at all possible (as long as everything is running smoothly) should be your choice. I think things will unfold for you the way it should. I saw your little babies cute. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? Best of luck.


BabyMakes7 - April 27

Thanks Kristin! We are having a little girl. Yes, I ordinarily would agree with you 100%, but the doctor seemed so concerned about my age. They have made a federal case of it. I've had weekly BPP's since 32 weeks...and all seems normal. Twice the baby hasn't done the "breathing" motions for 30 seconds straight, so I even had EXTRA BPP's. I trust that the doctors know what they are talking about, but I really haven't found evidence for pushing it up when everything else has been so normal. I don't want to do something that I'll regret later.


tryingx3 - April 28

Can they do other methods like strip the membranes and send you home before doing the pitocin route? I know that would be painful, but...???


BabyMakes7 - May 5

Yes, they could, but your cervix needs to be somewhat open to get a finger in there to do these things. I will know tomorrow if they can do anything like that. At this point, I've been too closed to do anything. :( I had another question. I've been feeling REALLY REALLY nauseous for 2 days. My stomach is just rolling over & over. Is this a sign? Never having gone on my own, I don't know what to expect. Thanks!



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