Conception After 35 Harder

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Momma Again - September 27

If this thread exists please accept my apologies... I am 37 and wanting to get pg again. You read so much on how it is harder after 35, yet I have several friends who had babies after thirty five and did not try very long. Can anyone share their experinces? Again, if this is a pre-existing thread, please let me know. Thx!


kris A. - September 27

I tried for 4 months, concieved, then lost the baby at 8 weeks. Waited a month, started trying again, and was pregnant the next month - am now 32 weeks waiting for my baby girl to join her sisters - ages 14,13 and 13. I just read up on the cycle and made sure to time our lovin' for the most fertile days - (normallly 11 to 14 days after the first day of your period on a 28 day cycle). Good luck to you! :)


Carolyn - September 28

I'm 37 now and 33 weeks pregnant with my first. I got pregnant about four months after we started trying. I probably would have gotten pregnant even earlier if I didn't get anxious and compulsive about it. So, no, I don't think it's harder to conceive just a little nerve-wracking waiting - provided you maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle and do not have any pre-existing conditions which may affect your fertility. Good luck!


Terri - September 28

I understand and am trying for the 1st time to get pregnant and just turned 35 in July. I was waiting for someone to ask the question and glad you did and am happy to hear expereinces as well. And its very nerve-wracking!


Cindy - September 28

I am 38, went off the pill in July, charted my August cycle, and was pregnant in September. Bam....I was still practicing and did not expect to get pregnant so quickly. Babydust to you!


Maidencanada - September 28

I went of Depo shot in Dec, got pregnant in May. Miscarrieed in July but now trying again and hope it is as quick as last time. :)


Val - September 29

I'm 35 and got pregnant in June on the 3rd month of trying. The month I got pregnant, I charted my temps and did ovulation predictors (dollar store brand). Unfortunately I miscarried in August, but am glad to know that I was able to get pregnant. We're trying again this month, and I think charting the temps really helps. Good luck!


Lisa - September 29

I got pregnant the first month of trying! I am 36. I was not expecting that, but you never know! My husband likes to tell me he has super sperm!!!! Baby dust to you.


mina - September 29

I got pregnant the first try (I already have a dd who was born when I was in my 20s), but sadly, had a m/c. Took me 5 months of ttc after m/c, but now pregnant again and 21 weeks.


Jasmine - September 29

Congrats to all. I am 40 and it took us 7 months of ttc. I bought the Digital Ovulation Monitor (pricey but worth it) after 3 months of trying. It really helps knowing when you ovulate even tho they say sperm can live a long time. Not every woman is the same so don't go by the 11-14 days past period you ovulate theory. Once you know when you ovulate you can time intercourse. Not to take the romance out of it but when a woman is trying to get pregnant that is all you tend to think about especially if it doesn't happen right away. I think I had hostile CM and so I also used Pre-seed lubricant which helps sperm to live longer. I got pregnant the first month trying Pre-seed. I know alot of you ladies got pregnant really quickly but that doesn't work for everyone. Don't get discouraged and just learn your body. If after a few months and nothing contact your doctor. They say women after 35 should try for 6 months and then seek help. It could be your husband too and so they recommend a sperm a___lysis. I hope this helps and good luck!!


Momma Again - September 29

THANKS TO ALL! Great and very encouraging answers! ;-)


Christine - September 30

I am 41 years old and tried for 5 months without success. Then I bought an ovulation kit (you put a small amount of saliva on a little microscope) and got pregnant right away (I discovered that I ovulate 2 days later than I had thought).Good luck to you ;-)


R - October 1

Has anyone tried Fertilitea? We were trying after a m/c and I figured it couldn't hurt. I got pregnant about 2 months after I started drinking it. I don't know if it was a coincidence or what. The website's if anyone wants to check it out. Good luck!


honeysage - October 1

i am 39 and got pregnant first try...


old gal - October 3

I'm 40, this is ttc #1 for 10 months with no luck. Found out dh has probs with motility and his count is dropping also. Some older ones are getting pg faster because they are seeing the fertility docs sooner and getting their procedures done sooner. Most wont tell you that is what they have done (i'm not ) and that might be a reason for it.


Wasn't hard for me!!!!!!!!!! - October 3

First time we decided not to pull out and I inserted a tampon afterwards to stay "fresh" after my shower, and I was pregnant! (age 35.5) I'm now at 13 weeks and the baby has a strong heartbeat!


ange - October 5

I am 35 and got pregnant on the first try. (I'm in my sixth week and still worried about miscarrying though.) My husband is 31, maybe that helped.



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