Confused About My Situation

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dldavenport002 - June 11

Here’s my story- I'm 41, have been having female problems off and on for the past few years. My last cycle was at the end of March, beginning of April so I made an appointment to see my gyn thinking that I was just having more problems. They did a pap and pregnancy test. The pg test was positive! I was absolutely floored! Not a clue that I would be pregnant. This will be my 4th child- I have 3 daughters ages, 14, 11, and 7. The following day they sent me to get a blood test to check HCG level which came back at 213. The doctor said that was awfully low, so they had me go for another one 3 days later (this morning). I called to get the results and the doctor says “your level went up to 750, but that’s still very low. Have you had any bleeding?” I answered no and he said to make an appointment with an OB. OK, fine. So according to my last period I would be about 10 weeks but the HCG level isn’t jiving. I call the OB’s office to schedule a prenatal visit and the receptionist wants to put my appointment clear out to July 12! Again, I tried explaining to her what is happening and that I think I need an appointment earlier than 4 weeks away. She says “Your only about 3 weeks pregnant and they can’t do anything until your about 8 weeks anyway”. Again, I'm explaining the situation so she ups the appointment to June 21st. Great, so another 10 days in limbo, knowing zilch about what’s going on. Am I 3 weeks? Or am I 10 weeks? Or something in between? Is everything ok? I didn’t think you would ovulate if you’re not having periods??? This all just seems so screwy to me. I'm AMA and High risk pregnancy and things aren’t adding up- it seems I'm the only one concerned about any of it. I went ahead and found a doctor in private practice that will see me on Monday. Has anyone had a similar experience where the day of last cycle isn’t coinciding with HCG level? If so, any advice?



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