Confused Is Anyone Not Having Any Tests Done

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K - July 31

I'm 36 and I decided not to have an amnio done, but my dr wants me to have a nuchal transluceny test done instead. I'm having this baby birth defects or not so I don't see the point of having these tests done. Is anyone else going this route? My mother said back in her day they didn't have all these tests & everything turned out fine.


Oreo - August 1

My sentiments exactly! We decided that we would take whatever God gives us, so we felt that the tests were not necessary.


r - August 1

k, I was exactly the same way you were. I'm 36 and thrilled to be pregnant and would have kept the baby regardless of what any tests showed. And I was not going to have any tests done. However, when I told the doctor that I would not have any tests done because I wouldn't abort for any reason, her response was, "it's good to find out now whether there will be any complications so we can have the right baby doctor in the room when the baby is born and also to prepare you and your family if the baby requires special needs." This made complete sense to me so I went ahead and had the triple screen done at 16 weeks. The test was normal. I would not have the amnio done for any reason because it carries a small risk for miscarriage. I would have the nuchal transluceny test done just so you know what to expect when the baby's born. Just because you won't abort the baby no matter what problems the baby may have, does not mean that you should be kept in the dark and not know yourself.


Kari - August 1

r, thanks for your advice! Guess it would be better to prepare. Good luck!


Emma - August 2

Hi K, I am 35 and just got a positive pregnancy test - on a very longed for baby. I live with my husband in the bush of Tanzania (although I am English). I am also not going to have tests - for the same reasons as you - but also because the best we can get here is a basic scan - what we get is what we get. Good luck to you though, and hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy and a wonderful baby.


Christine - August 2

K, Like Emma, I am not anywhere near a facility that can get do anything for me other than an ultrasound, so I'm taking my chances. Eventually, when I get to the US, I hope to have a checkup to make sure that baby and I are fine. That's about all we can do.



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