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Louisa - September 13

Just start a new thread! Look forward to chatting with everyone!!!


Louisa - September 13

Hi Ladies, This entry is also included in the old thread! I started a thread called "CONTINUATION OF THIS FORUM IS FOR THOSE OVER 35 AND PREG." Not enough room for the word PREGNANT. LM I feel much more secure with the blood screening coming out with better odds. I will however feel much better when the results of the Amnio come back (about two weeks time) This morning I had an appointment with my OB when I got rear ended on the way. Fortunately the accident happened right outside of the doctor's office parking lot. The doctor saw me immediately and told me to go home and rest, if there is any bleeding to go straight to the hospital. If nothing happens in 24 hours we should be ok. It's great to hear how much your settling into your pregnancy and feeling the baby is really amazing! Just wait until you can hold him in your arms. I know I feel the same way! The next big event for me (other than the results from the amnio) is the twenty week ultrasound. My son will be coming with me this time so he has a chance to bond with the baby.


Tammy - September 13

Louisa, Thankfully you are okay. I had my 32 week ultrasound last week and my son weighs 4lbs., 13 oz. I cannot wait until this is over. I also took my son (he is 4) to both of my ultrasounds. He thought it was a movie. He told me the other night that when the baby is born, he is not coming to see him. I asked him why and he replied that he already saw him on the "movie". He told me, I saw all of him so I don't need to see him again. Evereytime I go out and leave him with my husband he asks if I am going to go get Luca. It's so funny!


Lm - September 13

HAHAHAHA. That is adorable, Tammy. Louisa! How do you feel? I am so sorry you have to go through that! Rest rest rest. You will be OK. . .I just keep reminding myself that these little guys are SO tough - right? What a crazy thing to happen! I am settling, but also getting scared! Sometimes I feel like I am too young to be having a child, and then I have to remind myself - ahhh, oh yeah, you're a 35 year old professional woman - it's about time!!!! But, the fear is still there. . .and growing. My fiance is so supportive and excited, and I am too - just going through the experience for the first time and still having absolutely no clue as to what to expect! Like we have discussed previously, it just seems like one thing after another and I am trying not to get my hopes up too much. . .but at the same time, I am. Does that make any sense?I have my next US this Thursday to check the heart and the status of the cysts. I am somewhat nervous, although getting less so as time progresses.


mother777 - September 13

hi it is me. mother777 from the earlier site. i had my type 2 sonogram. the u/s techician said every thing look good. the baby was very active. she said my doctor have to read it and get back to me. do anyone know how long that will take? i am now 23 weeks and it is a girl.


lm - September 14

Hi Mother777! Oh that is just wonderful that everything is looking good! Hmmm. A review of a level II US should be able to be done immediately -- I mean, the docs need to just review and submit a report, unless you had the nuchal testing done too which then entails a___lyzing blood tests result too. But, honestly, I don't know about that. During all the ultrasounds I have had, even the more in depth ones which they cla__sified as a Level II, they were able to determine immediately if there were any issues. Just call your doc's office and ask them to go over the results with you! Congrats on the girl!!!


LC - September 15

Hello, I'm 36 with my first pregnancy, just about to start onto week 14. It still doesn't seem real to me. My husband and I are both excited about the upcomming addition, but I am still waiting to feel those maternal urges. Anyone else not feeling real about it yet?


Louisa - September 16

Hi Ladies, Really happy to report no sign of bleeding two days after my accident!!! Thank you so much for your concern. Lm it's funny you mention that you feel too young for a baby... I'm still trying to get over the fact that we are now considered to be of an ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE... YUCK!!! Let me know how your ultrasound goes, I know everything will be fine. Just think, your half way through your pregnancy. Tammy don't you find it makes a big difference taking your son with you. Making sure he feels included and an important part of this new addition to our family is so important. Mother 777 congrats on your baby girl. LC I have to tell you I have the emotional part of pregnancy down pat. Felt the urge to cry many times to day.. I'm hoping it has more to do with waiting for the results from the amnio and trying to relax after the accident. My poor car suffered $5000.00 worth of damage... but it's only a car... the baby is ok which is GREAT news. Any one else feeling emotional?


Lm - September 16

AHH that would be a YES! In fact, my fiance left earlier this week to go on an outdoors trip with no phone service! Usually, I am like . . .YAY I have the house to myself, hope he has a great time, etc. etc. This time, I CRIED. And I really am not one of those emotional types! I mean, it is a rare occasion that I cry - kind of a habit I learned early in life. So, this crying thing has truly thrown me out of sorts! :) I mean, not in a bad way, just another example of all these crazy and interesting changes that are going on mentally, physically and emotionally! LC - I completely understand where you are coming from too. I mean, here I am at 24 weeks, and as I was leafing though a magazine this weekend, I stopped on some ads for little boy infant clothes and thought "oh how CUTE - I'm going to order some of those." And then, the next thought that struck me was - WHAT IN THE HECK WAS THAT? Who is this person???? And, then a little more of the reality of life, biology and creation sunk in. So. . .I think the whole maternal instincts thing is a very very gradual process. Believe me, I still need all the time that I have left before Jr. arrives to find all those maternal drives. . .but I know they are there. . .somewhere!! Lousia -- I am SOOO glad that you and your baby are OK. $5000 ain't no little thing! Please keep resting as much as you can! My US went well yesterday, the brain cysts are GONE!!! And, the kidney dilation is minimal to none. So excellent news. Although, my high risk specialist did say that the weird sort of feelings I was having in my uterus were contractions, so now I have to be wary of pre-term labor. . .I I thought they were just the normal Braxton Hicks deali-os, but he seemed to think it was more than that. I will just try to keep drinking lots of water and rest as much as possible. Of late, I have been working 15 hour days at the office which is absolutely ridiculous. . .so I just need to watch myself. . .I tend to feel like, now that I am going on maternity leave, I have to prove myself before I go or some other stupid self-imposed harmful rationale for working too much!


Louisa - September 17

LM Let me start by saying if your working 15 hours a day YOU NEED TO STOP!! I was the same way with my first. My Doctor finally put me on bed rest at six months, my son was not the right size for his gestational age. Bed rest was really tough for the rest of my pregnancy. Going from on the go 24 7 to being allowed two daily walks for 15 minutes each was extremly tough! So glad to hear I"m not the only teary eyed one around.. that is a tough one. Being the strong independent type to one crying over little things is a little overwhelming.Lm Great news to hear your ultra sound went well... now you get to relax even more. How much time do you get off for maternity leave? In Canada you are allowed a year's leave, which will be excellent. When my first son was born in 1992 maternity leave was only 3 months which was so hard. My son is really excited that I will be home for him after school. Take it easy.. make sure you get plenty of rest.


Lm - September 20

Louisa - there is NO maternity leave in the US unless you work for a company that has over 50 employees - and then you are allowed 12 weeks of leave where the company cannot give up your position - no guaranteed pay. However, if you work for a company with under 50 employees - (like I do) - there are NO guarantees. IF, I have a pregnancy related "disability" - on the other hand, they cannot do anything with my position during the period of my "disability"- also for a period of 12 weeks I think. And then you can get state disability pay IF you qualify and have paid in the state disablity fund within required time periods - at least in california. During my research in figuring all this out, I discovered the luxurious parental leave plans that exist in other countries - i.e Canada! (lucky you!) and Switzerland where you get 2 years paid leave!!! Not so for this civilized country. Amazingly enough. I know, I need to rest more - I am having a terrible time sleeping and lately my brain is on overdrive and causing me to have stress to such a level that I can feel it physically. And then when this happens, I end up even more unhappy because I think I am harming the baby. I am in this terrible circle! I need to get a ma__sage or do yoga. . .that always brings me back. So, it sounds like all is well post-accident???? YAY! Are these braxton-hicks contractions normal to have many times a day at 25 weeks?


Louisa - September 21

LM Wow, we are lucky. Do you receive maternity benefits while your off with the baby (I"m almost afraid to ask) It is a wonderful gift that we have such a program. It would be so hard to have much time off if my pay cheque was eliminated. Hope your getting plenty of rest or going for a ling ma__sage.. where do you sign up for that? Feeling a little stressed at the moment, I have one week left before the results from the Amnio are in. Are you sure your having braxon hicks? when do you feel them? My uterus contracts every time I go to the bathroom and the baby seems to curl up at the bottom of my uterus. The doctor told me not to worry about that. When do you see the doctor next? Let me know how you are doing?


Lm - September 22

Louisa - I feel them all the time throughout the day. . .it's like a tightening of my uterus - I can actually see it - and it doesn't feel like its the baby moving around. I did have one when I was at the high-risk doc and he felt it and said - yup - that's a BH contraction. Drink lots of water!! So I have been. I saw my regular OB-GYN yesterday and he did a fetal fibronectin test to find out whether there is any chance I might be experiencing pre-term labor. I haven't heard back from him yet today so that is good news! he also told me to drink lots of water, so I guess maybe that's the trick! I do feel that cramping when I use the restroom too, but not all the time. Well. . . I can get state disability benefits IF I experience pregnancy-related disabilities. . .but only in that case. My company does not have maternity benefits. So. . .I am saving every penny right now! Fortunately, my parter/boyfriend is doing OK so we will have to survive off of his income for a little while. . .I make more $$ than he does though so we will be suffering some!!!! That's ok though. I just have to be FRUGAL. yeah right. I can't wait for your amnio results. . .soon soon. I know they will be fine. I have a GOOD feeling about them! Keep me posted on you!


Louisa - September 23

LM I'm sure no news is good news..make sure you drink your water. How long are you planning to take off once the baby is born? Do you plan on working right up until your due date? I would really love all to go well so that there will be more time to spend with my baby once his born. It's so wonderful feeling him move now. He seems to love the lower section of my uterus. There have been a few times when I've tried to move up a little to take some pressure of my bladder. The great thing is saving for such a beautiful gift isn't so painful to due. Putting money a side for taxes is another storey. Have you bought any baby supplies yet? We've decided to buy a few things once we get are amnio results. Although there have been more than a few times I've found myself wandering through the baby section at the store. Take care


Lm - September 26

Louisa- The plan is to work as far along as I possibly can so that I will be able to take a solid 3 months off. . .Although some of that may be doing work from home too. I guess we'll see. My boyfriend has a month of sabbatical from his work and a month of vacation, so once I go back to work, he'll take those 2 months with the little one. I myself have not actually purchased anything. . .a few friends and family have given me some things and my boyfriend's brother has a 1 and a 3 year old and has given us all of their items. . .which I am sure is going to be a GODSEND!! I think I might buy a stroller this week. . But, yes, I've been all OVER the internet looking at things and was doing so slightly before the amnio results. . .but like you, I kept holding off. . Honestly, I haven't had very much time to do anything between work and doc's appointments! I know TAXES!! Funny that you mention that as I just finished mine for last year! And it was HARD! The preterm labor tests came back negative so that's good and they'll do them again in a couple of weeks. So. . .amnio results this week, right???? Let me know! I'm thinking good thoughts for you!


MQ - September 26

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Louisa - September 26

LM So glad to hear your preterm labour test came back negative. I had some EXCELLENT NEWS today too! The amnio results came back and everything is GREAT!!!! It felt like I cried for an hour... talk about relief. The rest of the evening I've been taking really deep sighs. I was doing back flips, ok, that was just in my mind but once upon a time I could. haha. Thank you for all your kind words over the last couple of weeks, it's so great talking to someone who know exactly what your feeling. I look forward to reading your comments and hearing what's going on with your pregnancy. Now I plan to celebrate and buy some baby clothes. CAN'T WAIT! What kind of a stroller are you planning to buy? I love to run and have been checking out some of the sport strollers. Of course they are around $300.00 so will see. Three months at home with your baby, I bet you can't wait. Have you thought of any names yet? Tomorrow I plan to tell my boss about my pregnancy... I'm sure he knows already considering I'm showing. Pretty sure his not thinking bee sting! We have been holding off waiting until the results from the amnio came back. If something was really wrong we wanted the time to deal with everything before we announced it to the world. Let me know how you make out with your shopping.



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