Could I Be Pregnant At 50

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Linda2604 - March 1

I feel really silly asking this question and wonder if there is anyone else out there that is experiencing the same as me. I have had regular periods up until this month and I am over a week late. I am bloated and have sore nipples. I've done a pregnancy home test which was negative - I just don't feel right.


sonia989 - March 1

Hi Linda, my guess is that if you did a test and it's negative, you probably are not preg. More likely, you are just having some other hormonal changes since you are getting to that peri-menopause age.


VAKAS - March 29

Hi there - I am 47, and to date have never had a confrimed pregnancy, therefore no children. My cycles were like clockwork until December '06, when I had my last one, and then around a month or two ago I started feeling odd. Not sick, just odd. I racked everything up to entering menopause. EXCEPT in a matter of weeks I have had a sudden gain of 6 lbs. and all of it is at my belly, my thighs, my b___t and b___bs. When a girlfriend (also over 45 and has 5 kids) added up everything I've been telling her, she suggested I might be pregnant. I had an appt. with the GYN this Tuesday, and their urine test was negative, and she immediately wanted to focus on menopause as a possiblity. She quickly wanted to dismiss any chance I could be pregnant- and ordered labwork for FSH and Thyroid levels. I insisted on a quant_tative beta. Also, I have been scheduled for an ultrasound in 2 weeks. - Now, here's the clincher - I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 5. I have worked every hard to regain my strength and independence over the last 7 years, after being wheelchair bound, and am walking on my own, but now I am having such a terrible flare up because of the weight gain and hormonal changes I can barely walk at times. At night trying to sleep is awful. I have cla__sic pregnancy symptoms, and so far everyone who's noticed the changes in me also thinks I am/was pregnant. None of my clothes fit and I can't afford a new wardrobe if this is some random hormone shift. I still think I am pregnant, and it obviously important to know asap due to my high risk nature. I am afraid if I have gained 6 lbs this suddenly and my body is having this hard a time, it will be awful waiting for two more weeks for an ultrasound. Does anyone know what could mimic pregnancy down to the detail like this? I have not been given any suggestions as to what may be causing this, and I feel very frustrated by the doctor. This is not the first time I've been given the feeling of being "dismissed." it used to be because of my disability - and now it's my age. UGH ... so anyway Linda, to you - sure - I believe it's a possibility you are pregnant, but obviously you will need to get checked and pursue it if you feel you are not being cared for. Women DO get pregnant even during their menopausal years. Best wishes!!



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