Crap Not Another Freakin M C

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docbytch - February 21 a bfp 2/9/07. Had a m/c 6/2/06 after several weeks of bleeding and mild cramping which totally sucked. Now last night I freakin found spots of blood on my panties. Mild feelings of pressure down in the region on and off...possibly the occasional crampy sensation. No clots or active bleeding...but now I'm all shook up. How many of you women out there have had episodes of bleeing in your pregnancies who did NOT m/c? This is about my 5 week mark and haven't seen an OB yet because they don't schedule pregnant pts until the 8 week mark. Not even sure they'd do an ultrasound at this point... Trouble is...I relaly like the docs there...just not office policy so much. Any encouraging words? Feeling pretty broken-hearted at the prospect of losing another wanted pregnancy:(


TTC#3@35 - February 21

Im so sorry I dont have any answers for you but I just wanted to say I'm pulling for you & your little one in there!


docbytch - February 21

thx. could use any positve story out there at the moment. this bites the big one


tryingx3 - February 21

Have you called your doctor? Sounds like you need some TLC with your pregnancies and not the standard "see you at 8wks" answer. Perhaps you need to be on progesterone or something like that...


Bridget - February 21

I had some spotting and cramping too, early in my PG. Also toward the end of the first trimester tha ligaments stretching was pretty amazingly painful (occasionally, but often just fairly uncomfortable) I also had some serious (to me, some bright red) spotting after my amnio that had me so scared I couldn't concentrate on much more than breathing for a couple of days. Maybe it's just implantation bleeding and the cramping could be related to that, too. BTW, I was 39 when I got PG the month after a myomectomy for fibroids (I'd never conceived in 7 years, so it was a shock), so I was pretty much scared until I looked my baby boy in the eye. I'll be rooting, praying and crossing my fingers for you.


zay28 - February 21

Dear Docbytch, I know one of the causes of having miscarries is being low in porgesterone. I had that problem without knowing. I went to my first visit when i was 5 weeks pregnant and my progesterone was on 10. They call me to go again a week later and the progesterone was on 5, less that 4 you miscarriage. I was so happy that this doctor office saw me before i was 8 weeks. I found in several places that they didn't even bother after i was 8 weeks. If wait to long i porbably will miscarriage my baby. in one week my progesterona drop to 5. Please insist try to call someother places, you may like them but i won't feel confortable waiting too long...


docbytch - February 22

havent had the nerve to call my doc yet....still feeling freaked out from the LAST m/c. They are a very large OB practice with scads of pts...probably why they dont see ppl until the 8 week mark.. Bridget...wowzer. You had bleeding and all the jazz but a hlthy bby at 39? whew! How much bleeding and spotting? How far were you? what color was yours? Low progesterone eh? Hmmmm. Guess that's worth a shot.


apple_ann_69 - February 22

I am 8 weeks now and feeling ok except for morning sickness but at 7 weeks pregnant for 2 weeks I was having cramps especially when I sat up for long. Last wednesday (valentine's day) I went to pee and saw streaks of blood. I went to doc immediately since I had a miscarriage June 2006. Well doc said that an inflamed cervix was the cause of the cramps & streaks. Did an ultasound and baby is fine & cervix is closed. I got antibiotics and doc says either not wipe when I pee or use baby wipes as most mothers who end up with an inflamed cervix in pregnancy got infected via the tissue they used even though the wiped in the right direction. he said also not to use powder in the pubic area as that can cause infection too. I am almost done taking the antibiotics now and after about 2 days of taking the cramps have gone. So I think if you have cramps check with doc just to be sure whats causing it. An inflamed cervix can lead to miscarriage or premature birth and we dont want that. Right!? Think positive. I am feeling positive for you. Believe me I know how u feel


apple_ann_69 - February 22

Matter of fact u can go to your reg doc (General Pract_tioner). He can probably give u a heads up on whats happening. My OB told me that if anything comes up in between appointments if my GP is closer I go to him so Last wednesday I rushed to my GP as he was nearer (5mins away) than my OB who was about 45mins away and at least i could satisfy my mind and got antibiotics until I saw my OB on the saturday. So chk with a doc ok.


Bridget - February 22

I was about 10 -12 weeks the first time and it was light pink when I wiped and only for that morning. The second time was after my amnio (a day after)when I was about 20 weeks, give or take a week, and it was more than spotting, some red/brown and I could feel it for a few hours. I was out and not near any "supplies" at the time and TP was enough to contain it. Maybe TMI but I know I always wanted to know EVERY detail when I was PG and had a question.I think you are nice to make excuses for the busy practice but if you had one m/c, you might have to grab them (figuratively, haha) by the collar and make them pay you extra special attention and find out what's going on.Really, I had to ask a nurse pract_tioner the same question over 5 times until I got an answer. I wanted to know why my new fibroids (I grew new ones right after becoming PG) could not be removed upon the birth of my child since I was having a mandatory CS. She just kept telling me that it wasn't done. I said that I KNEW that, but why not??? She finally explained it to me and the joke was on her because in the end, my OBGYN took the largest one out then anyhow. HA. I was a pain in their a$$es but I didn't give a flying pig because it was MY body, MY baby and MY money they were getting. Sorry, I get a bit worked up when I think of that nurse prac., everyone else down to the office staff were terrific and patient with me, just that one was a pain.I am just trying to convey to you that you have rights and even though it might be hard (I am very non-confrontational by nature), try to push them to do more than they might otherwise do.You pay their salary, it's their job and besides,you deserve it. I hope this doesn't offend, I truly only want to share with you what worked for me.


docbytch - February 23

I guess you guys are all correct. Problem historically has been for me that because I work IN healthcare (registered nurse), the LAST thing I usually want to do is go hang out in some docs office. Eegads. Since my medical background tends to take hold of the ol imagination, and since I did have a m/c last june like appleann, I am more worried with the bleeding i had. Guess I will have to suck it up and call the OB to see if they will make room for me now. I sure hope the PG is ok:) Encouraging stories always help too of course and for that I thank all of you!


apple_ann_69 - February 24

Hi docbytch, Eager to know whats up with u. Keep us posted. As soon as u see doc let us know how u are doing. Good Luck! Praying for u and yur little one.


docbytch - February 24

thank you. i am calling them on monday. the bleeding only occurred that one day...nothing else since...whew. perhaps this pregnancy is going to be ok after all....sure hope so


deborah969 - February 26

Hiya docbytch... I think it's on the 3rd page... 12/13/06, was the last post on a particular thread on bleeding. I had quite a horrible episode with quite a lot of blood... and then lots of spotting for weeks after... I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant now *crosses fingers* and everything is going okay. I think it was a positive story just because I thought I was having a miscarriage, and am still holding on. Hopefully it'll help you a bit to read it. I've got my fingers crossed for you too. Take care.


sonia989 - March 1

I had bleeding at 8 weeks and it turned out to be only a blood clot in the placenta. I am now 6 months with my son!


docbytch - March 2

Well I have good news. Yesterday's US showed an intrauterine pregnancy with dates that exactly matched my dates given. This is already a better sign from the previous pregancy I miscarried because the US from that PG showed me to be small for dates... So things were looking not too hot right at the start. I am exactly 7weeks3d. Yay. Still retain a cautious air though... Gotta make it over the 12 week hump.


TTC#3@35 - March 5

Great new !! I hope you have a healthly 9 months.



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