Crap Not Another Freakin M C

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TTC#[email protected] - March 5

Great new !! I hope you have a healthly 9 months.


apple_ann_69 - March 5

Hey docbytch Well I am so happy u are fine. Did they ever figure out why you were spotting. Gonna be here with you for the journey! I am due Oct 2. Oh I should tell you that I been having some cramps and doc says that its contractions. Seems I over did it at work last week monday by simply standing too long. I've been home since. I am at home on bed rest til the end of march. Baby is fine and contactions have finally stopped. So I am just home gettin fat! I just wanted to share with u so u be extra careful. remember 1st trimester is a delicate time.


Katiegirl - March 15

sorry this is a little late -- I just read the post -- actually i just found out I am pregnant with my third child! A little bit of a surprise and I am still shocked but also excited (and obviously over 35 and nervous). However, I miscarried btwn my first two children and then bled off / on the entire first trimester with my second child, who is a perfectly healthy & happy 1.5 year old. I know it is scary but I know a LOT of woman that have experienced bleeding during their first trimester and have healthy babies. It looks like you are on your way as well... Good luck and know that the bleeding can and might happen again -- and you still will be okay.


julie316 - March 15

I have had a M/C in the past and in my last preggo I started to bleed.. my doc said i was a risk m/c.. for almost 4 months I spotted and bled from brown to red.. needless to say I had him and the docs were wrong.. take it easy.. dont worry.. Make sure you sit and lay down often.. It helped me...I hope all is well for you.. and good luck.. my prayers will be with you...


julie316 - March 16

I was wondering that yesterday.. To be honest, I have a 1 year old tomorrow and I have barely enough energy for him.. that is why I opt to not have another child anytime soon.. If my lo turned out to have ds I would have no choice but to give him up .. I would feel terrible, but I dont have the money or energy to take care of him or her.. I am sorry for even saying it..


perchy - March 16

The nuchal translucency test that can be done between 11 and 13 weeks is noninvasive and can give you a idea as to your risk for DS. If the risk is low, you can at least be a little rea__sured about skipping an amnio. Of course, the noninvasive test isn't guaranteed, but it could be nice to have some early rea__surance that all truly is well.


thanies - March 21

Just started lurking here. Not pregnant, but we are trying. I hope I don't offend anyone with my post because it's certainly not written to do that. Just to give some sunshine (hopefully) to what is a very real fear that many of you have. I know because I have been there. I am 42 and have three other children, two of which are grown (18 and 25) and the other is almost 6. I had him when I was 36. I wish I could post a photo of my almost 6 year old. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and he has Down syndrome. If you saw him, you wouldn't understand why I so was devastated when I found out that he had DS during a level 2 ultrasound (then confirmed with an amnio). Of course, if only I knew then what I know now, I would have cherished every moment of that pregnancy instead of fearful of the outcome or angry at why me or us. He is an absolute beauty. I believe he's an angel sent straight from heaven. Does it require more energy? Yes, it probably does. But, in different ways (not bad ways.). His having DS has exposed me to a world I would have never had the pleasure of being a part of. I guess it's definitely not for everyone, but don't let DS scare you. I have never regretted keeping him and everytime he reaches over for no apparent reason to give me a big kiss (which is often-especially if he wants something-yes they learn that too ;-) ), I feel blessed all over again. Just my cheap 2 cents worth on babies with Down syndrome. I wish everyone the best and really hope to be posting as an official preggers over 35 mom. :-)


docbytch - March 22

thanie I know you mean well in your post. but there is absolutely no freakin way I could go forward with a pregnancy knowing the bby had DS. my only daughter who is now 20 is exceptionally gifted and scores off the charts on IQ tests or standardized exams...she's been my pride and joy. I just don't have the right stuff in me to go from having a child like her to one whose intelligence level is so "rudimentry" I am not being callous, just truthful. It is good that there are ppl out there like you who find joy in raising children with DS...we need those ppl...but I am not...nor will I ever of them. Thanks for trying to be helpful...but hopefully you respect the decisions of those women who opt to terminate DS pregnancies...after all...if I had a DS one else would have to raise it...I would. I am simply not prepared to do that.


Kristin11 - March 22

docbytch I had spotting on and off through out the beginning of my pregnancy up until about 12 weeks. I am now 36 1/2 weeks prego and still going strong. Keep up hope. I also had issues with my first pregnancy with my daughter at 4 1/2 mths prego my placentia seperated from my uterus and i bled very heavily, with very large clots and i was put on bed rest. I now have a happy healthy 3 year old little girl from that pregnancy.


thanies - March 22

docbytch, like I said b/4, it's definitely not for everyone. some know what they are made of and what they can handle. i wish you the best.



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