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Sann - June 7

Hello Girls ... Everytihng OK : ) Sorry : ( I wasn't able to post earlier, I was soooooooo stuck with work the past 2 days, it was a nightmareeeee : ( thank goodness, I'm finally done today : ) Guess what girls... I spoke too soon, the nausea & dizzy spells are back and they're "angry with me" And my back & bbs started to hurt too. Since Monday morning.... I've been feeling sick all the time : ( Haven't done any hpt yet, I'm usually testeholic but this time .... I haven't been tempted at all, what is wrong with meeeee : ( Hey .... don't leave me here all alone when the both of you start emailing each other and abandon me here, I'll be totally lost with the both of you : ( : ( : ( Wish I can email the both of you too : ( I'm depress!!!!!!!! COL - thanks to techology .... we're are friends don't you just love the internet sometimes : ) I'm half way across the world from the both of you. Have you moved to your new place yet? We were suppose to move to the middle east(end this year) but Dh got an extention to stay here for another year : ) he's still negotiating for 2. I like it here ... it's so convenient plus we live near from the beach however the house and garden is small compare to last one when we were in Australia. Like you, I love to have a farm and a big garden too,lucky lucky Val : ) By the way .. My "Blue Bells" and "Blue Eye Boys" started to flower this week, I planted the seeds last Christmas ... to remember my "little one" cos I had a strong feeling that it was going to be a boy. It's cd36 for me and I can't tell from chart when I ov (can't tell what dpo I'm at) cos my temps has been erratic but they're high (for the past 2 days) WHAT DO YOU THINK IS HAPPENING? Anyway .. enough about me, you must be in the 2 wwk wait. I'm crossing my fingers & toes for you and sending you tonnes and tonnes of baby dusts. My prayers are with you too : ) VAL - Haven't heard from you for a while ... how are you doing? Hope to hear from you soon : ) Missed you lots. COL - Have you heard from Val via email? Talk to you soon. Dear friends .... take Care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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