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Sann - June 8

Hi Girls : ) Val ...Missed you lots. I'm so happy to hear from you ... I was worried for a while. Woke up this morning and the strangest happened ... I feel kind of cheery today, though I'm still feeling "sick" and nauseaous, weird isn't it? Well, I don't knowwww, I just know it's cd37 for me today, still no idea when I ov and my temps are still "crazy", still don't have a clue what dpo I'm in : ( Well ... I'm not hoping and waiting for af to show. Hope you don't mind me asking, what made you decide on Clomid? Pls don't be oblige to tell if you're not comfortable. The "Fertility Bills", yessss ....I know them. Here .. Insurance don't cover them at all. Only State own "learning hospitals & clinics" have subsidizes rates ... still need to pay for everything, subsidized or not, nothing is free here. In the US ... does insurance cover these expenses or at least partial of it? Heyyyy ... don't think too much about the bills, it'll all be worth it ... yahhh : ) I have a piece of good news though ... I should be able to log in real soon, another week or so. IT has been soooo sweet to help me out on this : ) I should buy them a box of chocolates : ) : ) Val ... I envy you : ) You have the freedom to manage your time, you have a farm and you must have a huge garden too : ) Though I'm able work from home .... I still have to go into the office in the mornings (at least 3x a wk), by the way I have some "free time" at home this week : ) that means I can "talk to the both of you" as often as I like ... yipeeee : ) Dh & I ... we'll be able to take a couple of days from work (mid this mth), we're thinking of going back to our home town for visit (90% of our family/relatives/friends migrated here) Va l- Is Music your passion ... something you always wanted to do? Do you play the piano? I haven't played since last Aug (since the MC) COL - Is North America your origin? .. if you don't mind me asking : ) You must be busy packing on top of work, how are you coping .. don't get yourself too tired : ) Have you got any symptoms yet : ) I'm sure you've received "the tonnes of baby dusts" I sent you : ) And Val ...You are still in the "race" with us. When you said .. you're cycle may be longer this month, maybe ov is late. Your Dh is back (if I'm not wrong) ... so back to "work" the both of you : ) and have loads and loads of fun, don't forget to write : ) I'll have to test tomorrow morning : ) Last time we met with our ob/gynae, she said ... she'll put me on progesterone(oral & injectables) once it's positive. LOL & TONNES OF BABY DUSTS TO THE BOTH OF YOU Meantime take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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