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Sann - June 11

Hi Girls : ) ... It's Sunday morning for me and just got home from Church. Thought I quickly check in to let you know ... I tested this morning. No surprises : ( it's a BFN, I'm OK : ) Not disappointed or depress at all, so don't worry about it : ) Well, this going to be a long long cycle again cos it's cd40/my temp dropped to 97.5. Funny isn't it ... I'm waiting for AF to show and she refuses to visit. What do think girls ... BFN and my bbs started to hurt for the past 2 days, so weird .. I'm just wondering what's up with hormones/body. COL - I HAVE TO PUT THIS IN CAPS FOR YOU : ) THE AGE THING ... IT'S NOTHING BUT JUST A NUMBER : ) YOU HEAR. YES .. AGREE OUR BIO CLOCK IS TICKING BUT IT'S NOT A DEFINITE FACTOR, MANY WOMEN IN THEIR LATE 30s AND 40s HAVE HEALTHY BABIES, IT'S A PROVEN FACT, MANY WOMEN ON THIS BOARD AND THIS WEB ARE VERY VERY REAL CASES : ) Don't let anyone get to you (cos I'm not), telling you that you're too old have children. Nothing to do with these people, whether we are ttc or not, it's not their life but ours. I had this lady in 40s telling me to adopt and quit trying to have one on my own. And this same lady .. she kept saying to this couple (neighbours/good friends of ours in their 50s) that they look like grandparents to their kids(age 11, 10 & 6). People like this lady ... they are just cruel & shallow. They've no idea ... what are GOD's GIFTS , the MIRACLES OF LIFE and TO EMBRACE GOD'S BLESSINGS. So stay away from these people, you hear : ) they haven't a clue what we're going though. In fact .. we should to pray for these cruel and shallow beings!!!!!!! COL- I don't think your question is stupid at all. Yes, I do think that there are people that's "bad luck" to us, somehow when they are around them, things seem just go "wrong" all the time for no reason, maybe it's just my mind but ...... : ) Take lots of rest since you've been busy with moving and your papers to finish. I guess .... I'm the only one stuck to my discipline, (DH & I, we finished masters in the UK), the reason why spell words differently from the both of you...sometimes : ) Boyyyyy, it's was tough then, being away from home for most of the festive seasons. Val - How's things with you : ) and news : ) I'll check in later, talk to soon. Have a nice day. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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