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Sann - June 13

Hello Girls : ) Good morning : ) It's Tuesday morning for me and I'm home today : ) Val - Great to hear from you, missed you lots. How are doing : ) And you're so right! We're so close this month...I think COL is a little ahead of us, we'll have to keep up with her : ) Well ... cd43 for me and nothing much is happening. YES .. "The Needle Thing", I don't look at all when take blood from me. And it's not easy taking blood from me , almost impossible for the nurses to find a vein on my arms. They take it from my wrisks or hands... painfullllll : ( : ( Val & COL, Girls give me your views .... RE : "The Adoption Thing"... I'm totally not against it. My thoughts ... Adopting a baby/child is nothing shameful or demoralising but in fact it is a "Happy/Joyous/Wonderful thing" even if we have a child/children of our own and we would still consider adopting more. THE BIG DILEMAS for Dh & I ... 1) Are we going to tell the child about it 2) Is it going to be fair if we don't tell 3) When is the right time to tell 4) How is it going to affect him/her once the truth is out 5) Will he/she leave us after this ... the thought of it just "kills" me 6) How will our relatives/neighbours see/treat our adopted child ... our "Immediate Family" will love our children, be it adpoted or not, no doubt about that. My brother in law and his wife have an adopted baby girl (never come across our minds that she adopted) she is such a joy : ) best thing that ever happened to the family : ) but "gossipy relatives/neighbours".... you know! My in laws are extremely protective of our little adopted niece and they love her to "death" : ) : ) : ) So ADOPTION ... Tis not a thing about "LOVE CONQUERS WILL ALL". There are so many factors to consider and the possibilities of hurting an adopted child with the truth in future. Perhaps it's just my Dh & I, maybe we think too much into things : ) So .... people keep telling us to adopt, I get so "mad". These people think it so easy, they have no considerations/totally "mindless" to the "Affairs of the Heart" for an adopted child, it's just sad to see such insensitive people : ( totally disppointed that a fellow being can be this way. Sorry ... I'm venting here : ( : ( : ( OK ... "The Age Thing", I have to admit, at times I too feel that my is "Bio Clock" ticking away . But it's also very real, there are women having beautiful/healthy babies in their late 40s/early 50s (without ART ), by "accident" they get pg instead of dealing menopause, miracle : ) Irony of life, for some just when one thinks that they're done with having babies ... baby pops up : ) Here we are ... frustrated/desperate at times, doubting our so called "aging eggs"/physical capabilities, faithfully/endless we search for help/answers and nothing much is happening. And there are those ... who don't want kids at all, seem to get pg so easily ("doing next to nothing") And there are those ... at that "ultimate fertile" age and refuses to have babies. I'm kicking myself with this one here .... should have started this "Race" long time ago maybe I have a whole bunch by now : ) Perhaps, some of the younger women are right (from the other board), perhaps .... I was too catch up with my career and the "Quant_ties in life" and neglected the "Qualities of life", I put motherhood on hold. Now that I recall ... back then, Dh & I were too scared to have kids, the fear of not providing enough (materials/time) and the overseas postings kept us on the move for years(we felt the moving about wasn't condusive with raising a child) Now ... that we are ever so ready, find ourselves helpless/useless with all these "meaningless achievements"... there are none i.e. 0 kids to provide for : ( Don't get me wrong ... Dh & I, have always wanted kids(4 in fact) since our "Dating Years", but this "Silly Fears" of ours got us thinking too much/planing too much, I guess! My Dh, is always saying that I'm a "Tough Cookie" and I'm known for the "Never Quit" (Well ... at least so far and professionally) Somehow .. this "TTC Thing" puts me in doubt not just once but ......! Sorrrrrry : ( for being the "Melancholy Me". Welllll, I refuse to admit "defeat" and I standby ... "Age is just a number" : ) I'm side tracking again. COL - I'm with Val, I've never been so eager for AF to show : ) after which I get to the bloodworks : ) It will to be a great new cycle for you : ) don't stress, don't tire yourself and most important ... think positive(be cheery). Val will surely agree with me on this : ) And when you & Dh, move into the new house next year ... there will be plenty of room the "little one" to play and plenty of room of toys : ) : ) : ) I envy the both of you ... you have a house, I live in an apartment with no lawn, my "little one to be" will have to ride "his" tricycle downstairs. "Sorry for the novel": ) Talk to soon, hugs. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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