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Sann - June 22

Hi Girls : ) Sorry ... I didn't get a chance to write yesterday : ( My first post didn't get sent then IT came to fix this log in problem. As you can see ... not fixed instead give me another problem i.e. going online arghhh! My updates 1) Retested this morning, negative, so not pg, but I still having these those symptons .... weirddddd! 2) Spoke to my Ob/gynae this morning. She said according to my charts, OV has been delayed. For the past 2 weeks, my temp dipped twice, 1 dip in each week. This Monday, my temp started to raise and she wants me to do an opk tonight and she thinks I just started to ov. She thinks it's due to EPO, upset the hormones for this cycle ... may have to stop taking EPO 3) Made an appointment with my ob/gynae to see her next Friday, then, we'll have a detailed discussion for the next step, other than carrrying on with TCM. 4) Dh & I, didn't get our days off from work, we were called back to the office therefore have no time to look for a physician to do accupunture. 5) This week is so "messy" ... I got my dates mixed up. Today is actually cd51 for me. COL - How's everything? Have you finished packing? Are your papers all done? If I'm not wrong, it's cd7or 8 for you and you'll have to start working hard on the bd in a few days. Val - I think ... it's cd7 or 8 for you too. How are doing .... with clomid? Any side effects or temp changes in the morning? Correct me if I'm wrong, Girls! Both of you are really close this cycle : ) I'm being left behind: ( Tonnes of baby dusts and best of luck to the both of you, may this be your month. Hear from you soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : ) LOL


COL - June 22

Hi Sann, hope you are doing well. I still think that you have something there; the temp high again is a good sign. I will keep praying for you. I am on CD 11, had my acupuncture Tuesday, it was painless, I did not feel anything. I hope this moth is ours, the three of us. Me you and Val. TTYL


Val - June 22

Hi Sann and Col. Sann, sorry about the negative test. But maybe if you haven't ovulated, there's still a chance? Get busy, woman! :-) COL, I'm glad you did the acupuncture! I thought you might end up enjoying it. I'm overdue to go in to have more done. Was supposed to have an appointment a couple of weeks back but I couldn't make it and then they didn't have any appts for 3 more weeks! Oh well, my insurance will only cover 12 per year, so spacing out my visits a bit more is probably a good thing. I'm on cd10 and am going back in for the 2nd FSH test today. Maybe I'll get results from last week's test, although if I understand the "clomid challenge" thing correctly, the first number doesn't mean much by itself. I didn't end up with any bad side effects (that I know of!) which is nice. In fact, I've actually felt much more calm and less emotional since I've been on it. I'm hoping maybe it is balancing something out in my system... maybe my estrogen levels have been weird or something. Anyway, I might not be able to write again until after the weekend, so I hope you both have a good weekend, and I'll check back in with you in a few days. Hugs...


COL - June 22

Hello ladies, it looks like we are all online at the same time:) Sann, i am so sorry you still at work, i am not sure if i like your job :) :). Val, i am glad you are not concerened about taking clomid, and no side effects, i wish you th best. i am online alomost 24hours a day, since this is my job, i have to have access to the network just incase for any emergencies. oh Val , i did enjoy the accupucture, i think ia m going to keep going with it. TTYL and good luck both.



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