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Sann - June 23

Hi Ladies : ) How's your morning : ), it's Friday night for me. Well .. did an opk test late last night(like what my gynae said), got a very faint line. I'm a little frustrated with the result, is it a very faint for positive Lh(very low levels) or is it the so called "shadow line" plus I've been getting the same results for the past 2 cycles. Have to do another one tonight. I begining to think ... maybe there might be a major problem with my body or hormones : ( with all these long cycles, pg symptons, negative hpt tests and faint line from opk tests. Val and COL, how are the both of you doing today : ) By the way ... found some of your posts on the other board, "Problems getting pregnant". Do the both of you want to move over? I've mentioned before, I've been thinking of moving over there(I browse the other board all the time) and I don't have to see mu username all the time : ) Val - I think you have hit on something there with the estrogen being weird(from your last post). Has your RE suggested on doing the full bloodworks? My gynae just reminded me of the bloodworks, The Fertility Profile 6 plus testosterone(I may have mentioned this before), I can't remember exactly but I think it's for progesterone, estrogen, Fsh, prolactin, Lh and thyroid, correct me if I'm wrong. My gynae doesn't seem very concerned about these long cycles, she did say, there is no reason why I can't get pg again and 1MC doesn't say alot about fertility issues. She did assured me that these days MCs happen very often due to chromosomal disorder. I just a little "disturb" with what she said. What did your RE say about the "1 MC" issue? And I'm not sure what questions to ask at the appointment next Friday : ( I'm kind of lost right now (with all the conflicting info I read) Oh Val and COL .... I'm confused : ( COL - Have you done all the bloodworks yet? What did your naturapath suggest? Sorry Girls ... lots of questions in my mind at moment. Hear from you soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


COL - June 23

Hi Sann, I hear you , I understand your confusion, its very frustrating what we are going through, but hang in there, we shall be fine. I am on CD12 got my + OPK, today, lots of EWCM, but dh is in a different world today : ). He is so busy he can’t be there for me, so my work is up in the air. I am angry too, my way: ( . I will do my tests next week Sann. Although I am so losing the energy for this issue. My natrupath thinks it’s a matter of time for me, nothing to stop me from getting pregnant, and I agree with her, the only issue I had before was my irregular cycle for about 3 months, and now my cycle is back on track again. Sann, I wish I have any kind of words for you, but I am in the same boat like you. I do not mind going to the other forum. TTUL


jue - June 24

hi I am 35yrs and my hubby is 43, we both have 2 sons from our first marriages, my hubby had a vasectomy reversal 3yrs ago. wee have been ttc for 3rs and had 15 m/c all ending before 8weeks. we are now 10 weeks preg and have seen a heart beat at our 8 week scan. I was charting my temps and was using opk's,cervix position, ferning microscope and cervical fluid for about 2.5 yrs but found I was going round the bend so I stuck to charting my temps, cervical mucus and ferning microscope, then we made love when we wanted and hoped for the best. the more you worry the less you will enjoy each other and the more you will delay making love and only have s_x to make a baby. good luck


COL - June 24

HI jue, thanks for joining us on this thread, and thank you for sharing your experience, you are right, the more we stress the more defecult it becomes. i am really trying hard to take it easy, actually i am way better now, 4 months ago, i was so stressed to the point that i missed up my hormons and my period became irregular. now its much better. congratulation for your pregnancy, i hope everything will work fine for you, God Bless you. TTYL


Val - June 27

hi ladies... is this the most recent thread? I was out of town since Friday... just got in tonight (Monday). wow, is it hot here. Over 100 degrees today - yuck! Cd14 for me. Had been doing ov predictors, but couldn't read the lines well enough to know if it ever got dark enough. I think I'm going to try different tests next month! Anyway, hopefully we hit the timing correct. My good news is that my fertility doctor left a message saying that my clomid challenge test results were normal... so I guess my eggs are in good shape! Yay!!! gotta go - it's way too hot in here right now. Hope everyone is doing well...



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