Cycle Friends TTC In May

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Sann - May 11

Hi Val & COL ... : ) How are you ladies doing : ) Hope everything is fine : ) I haven't seen your posts ladies for days, what's happening : ) Val - You must be on cd8 or 9 by now, I'm on cd9 (if that was af on 3rd May, lasted less than 2 day and had some spotting for 2 day ) COL - so glad that you had a great vacation, what cd are on? I'm doing ok (still very positive) ,,, except I still have those symptoms(br___t pains and a little nauseous these few days) but my temps are down, don't know i should do a hpt : ( What do you think ladies? I've been browsing the other board " problems getting pregnant" They are so pro at it, should "go" over to the other board too, cos they are so friendly and supportive : ) reading their posts was such an encouragement. I still can't reply to your post but I can post questions to repond to you ladies ..... so missed the both of you : ( hugs to you both : ) Let me know if the both of you want to "go" over to the other board cos I read in some of their posts, supplements that can help to increase our chances and there are some sites about wild yams can help with ovulation that i would like to ask the ladies from the other board if any fo them have try it. And Val, I did another thyroid function test this week, will let you know what the outcome : ) And to COL, are you using any herbal supplements. Ladies ... give me your opnions - This week, Dh & I went to see our ob/gynae, she still wants to use medication to stimulate ovulation, she feels that TCM is taking too long ... due to the age factor thing again :( I think she will give me clomid, from what I read clomid thins the uterus lining may cause implantation problems. I'm in dilemma right now ... : ( Take care, God Bless & Hear from you soon : ) : ) : )


Val - May 11

Hi Sann and Col - Sorry I haven't written in several days. I work Mon-Wed and again on Saturdays, so the first few days of the week are usually pretty busy. Going over to the "problems getting pg" board is fine with me... I usually do read that board as well. (I like your thread t_tle... ) COL, how are you doing? SANN, how often do you do the thyroid tests? And does your ob/gyn think that you are not ovulating? And if so, based on what? When my ob looked at my chart, she thought I must be ovulating because of the clear temp changes, but I wonder if I am ovulating but maybe there's something wrong with the eggs? I am just second -guessing everything these days. Here's a website found that discusses what tests should be done before starting clomid: (if any dashes appear, remove them before putting the link in your browser.) Has your dh been tested? It seems like that would be your next step, definitely before starting clomid. My dh is due for his sperm test next Monday (finally!) and I scheduled an appointment with an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) for June 2nd. I guess I'm anticipating dh's test coming back fine and then I think the next step is more testing for me and I really don't want to postpone things any further. My next cycle (if this one doesn't have big delays in it) should end around June 5th, so I figured that if I get in to see the RE before it ends, he can prescribe the blood work and tests that are usually done at the start of the cycle. A little part of me thinks I might be jumping the gun with making the appointment (I think in the back of my mind, I have the idea that since I got pg last May, I'll get pg this May), but I've been so depressed this month that I really can't wait any longer.


Val - May 11

whoops - I hit send too soon! Anyway, I didn't mean to say that you shouldn't take Clomid, just that I've read that it's recommended that you check some other things first so that 1) you don't waste time with Clomid if there is some other problem that needs to be addressed and 2) you don't have to be subjected to Clomid's side-effects unnecessarily. Does that make sense? :-) Take care and talk with you soon... :-)


COL - May 11

HI Sann and Val, I am glad I heard from both of you. I am still suffering from the Jet lag. I cant even use the word suffering, because I sleep like a baby, 7 pm to 8 am : )and i like that :) Anyway, as for being on Clomid, I am so against taking any medication, especially both of you got pregnant before. So you know that you can get pregnant, not like me, never been and I am not sure if I even can. But it’s still a judgment call. If you got pregnant, then you are ovulating. I think the biggest part of the pregnancy delay is stress; we are stressed about so many things in our lives, jobs, family, financials, bills, future plus the pregnancy issue to top it all. I noticed that when I was away with my husband, we never had the time to be worry free and know what it means, till we traveled and got busy with new things to do. Then we realized how bad our way of life is. As for my CD today is my 20. I don’t know if I ovulated or not this cycle, because I did not do the BBT during my trip, and I was so busy to the point I did not watch for my CM. so May for me is out of question. My Temp are really high, I never had temps this high, my highest I get is 97.9, but since I came back they are 98.3, I read about it, it turned that Jetlag cause temps to be high. I am OK with going to the other board. Talk to you soon , God bless you both.



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