Cycle Friends TTC In May 05 25 06

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Sann - May 25

Hello COL ..Hello Val ... : ) How's your day : ) Have sometime to destress @ home today ...pass days were "erratic". Val - sorry : ( ov is not on time & Dh 's absence : ( When we first started ttc in 2004, my Dh & I were in/out of town plus the "mad hrs" @ work .... I know the feeling, we lost previous time. Pls stay positive .. take care of your back and prepare for June : ) What will your bloodworks be testing for? Keep us posted : ) I'm a little confused with the EPO, I read it's helps to produce fertile cm and it's been used to induced labor @ 38 weeks and may cause miscarriage. So this is the part that I don't get .. I was told to take it after I get a +opk, how is it going to help enhance progesterone for implantation? Ladies .. do you have any idea? I known I should trust my physician but I just need to find out how it's going help. We'll have to "catch up" with COL : ) Yes : ) COL, you'll be ahead of us for June : ) How's are the supplements working for you : ) RE: Computers @ home belongs to us, so no solution there : ( have to abide the rules, mandatory from the firm, sad : ( the price of privacy comes with the job but I'm appreciative/thankful towards my boss for the flexiable/trust /understanding, it's a big risk for him : ) no complains : ) just frustrations : ) Vacation? There's a mandate too, it's a called a "Core Vacation" at least 10days in a roll for the firm to "audit" our work. It's not very possible to take a vacation at this time of the year, the "markets" are unpredictable maybe a festive holiday c_m weekend trip. Even maternity leave for women are schduled way in advance for a "backup buddy" and most (who do what I do) will work from home during this period to keep up if they plan to return to work, I've been side tracking here : )Did an ov test yesterday, got a dark (C) & a very very very faint (T) again. I'm confused : ( no sign of cm but test shows a faint line, but the instructions did say that it doesn't count as a positive so have to do another one today. Yes .... I'm a true believer of God and I totally have faith, if it's meant to be it's meant to be : ) : ) Human as we are ... just can't help but doing something, I feel so helpless : ( at times like these. I do need to be more patient : ) it's just so hard. All my doctors are saying ... there's nothing wrong with me and yet I need more bloodworks to be done. I just wish that there is something wrong and we can rectify the problem, it's alot easier this way .. right! I'm trying so so hard to stay positive and it's so so hard. I need to go shopping : ) kill stress : ) Or maybe Dh & I should let this mth go ... maybe June will be a lucky mth : ) This is getting long, hear from you soon. Take care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


COL - May 25

Hi Sann, i will answer you in the original post .



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