Cycle Friends TTC In May 23 05 06

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Sann - May 23

Hello ladies .. : ) How are he both of you : ) Sorry ... I've been trying to write, my last 2 posts didn't get sent again : ( plus I was stuck in the office. YES YES YES ... these tech stuff ..... so so so frustrating and YES YES YES the sercurity issue I don't understand either. I don't understand why I can't login if I can login from a friend's laptop, so frustrating too : ( : ( COL - maybe you tell me why ... it is the firewall cos I work from home too? We have internet cafes here but it'll take me an hour getting to one and my girlfriend's place is far away too : ( Val - if it makes you uncomfortable hanging out with your girlfriends(those who are pregnant or have kids), perhaps you should stay clear for just a little while, I know how it feels.. it's a little upsetting sometimes : ( COL - I think what your ND is doing is great : ) youre definately "in charge" And I'm so happy to hear that you're back to your old self so so so positive (read your posts to Hopeful too.... totally positive) RE : Sann reporting .. went to my physician yersterday, she said my body is "heaty" so I'm probably not going to ovulate on time. It's cd20...still no sign of cm yet, this is going to be a "messed up" month. My physician ordered 1)Fertility Profile 6 & Testosterone Test and 2) Fasting Glucose & Fasting Insuline Test (blood works again : ( I'm so " drained from these tests) to done once this cycle is over (if I don't get bfp) on the next cd3. She also put me on EPO once I get a +opk. Val - I'm getting that lower right side pain too : ( COL - We'll never leave you "hanging" and we'll definately "be with" you all the way : ) : ) You & Val will always be in my prayers too. "We are Cycle friends in battle and we'll win it. " As for my cosuin's wife .. will be seeing her soon, another family function to attend : ( so not looking forward to see her. Thank ladies for your kind words .. my cousin is a nice guy but his wife .... The TCM book : The Fertility Cure, if it's by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. I read it, it great. Think I mentioned it to Val in my very 1st thread on this board(go back a page or 2) I've looking TCOYF in the store here but I've not found it yet. Hear from you soon. Take Care & God Bless : ) : ) : )


Val - May 24

Hi Sann - I responded on the usual post- the "Cycle friends ... TTC in May & Thinking of you : )" one... hope you are doing ok today!



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