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Sann - June 5

Hello Girls : ) How was your weekend : ) I decided on "calling" the both girls instead of ladies, sound younger to me(i.e. my "culture" that is) Hi COL - Sorry ... about your plan for this cycle : ( I'm fully with on the accupunture, I would do it myself except Dh & I, we have a "thing" with needles. Even doing the "Bloodwork thing" drives me crazy and I get "frozen" stiff when they poke me: ( I just wish that we can overcome this and go on for accupunture too. I think, why wait till next cycle ... go on and do it asap : ) Hi Val -Sound like to me you've been busy .. very busy : ) How was the recital and party? And WOW ... you have a farm : ) so cool : ) I feel that your "6 months plan" sound great to me : ) You know what? I been giving alot thoughts about what my ob/gynae has suggested ...the Induce Ov thing & ART, sounds like your "6 Months", talk about frequency & wave length : ) WHAT DO THINK GIRLS ...WITH OV INDUCTION THE CHANCES OF HAVING FRATERAL TWINS/TRIPLETS ARE HIGHER ... we might just be lucky : ) and we're done... just wishful thinking :-D Well, this time round, TCM treatement is just taking too long for me bare (last time it took us only 4 cycles to get pg). And also, Dh & I, we've been thinking of seeing another ob/gynae for a second opinion (not that we don't have faith with our current doctors) but to see if there are other options that we have missed out. This "Quest" for a child ... is so out of my control, sometimes ... I feel like a total failure : ( And lately ... there are those in this board have suffered losses/negative fetal test results, is just heart breaking and saddens me further : ( Why? Why does God not have mercy : ( Let us all pray for ... no more heart breaking losses/news. Anyway, I'm at cd34, nothing much is happening. I'm feeling a little better, the dizzy spells are less frequent (just a lttle light headed) and nausea has subsided except when I'm in car, weirddddddd/funnyyyyyyy, has never happened before so can't drive for the moment ... arghhhhhhhhhh! Val .. I think you're right, it's the hormones, no pg feeling at all. I'm waiting for af to show up, so I can get the bloodworks done asap : ) COL ... don't lose hope, keep trying : ) every cycle is a chance, you'll never know ) Hope the both you write soon. Take Care & God Bless : ) : ) : )



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