Cycle Friends TTC In May 05 19 2006

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Sann - May 19

Hi COL & Val .. : ) How are the both of you today : ) First of all .. sorry : ( for posting all over the place, will try to be accurate when I click the category before I sent it : ) Wish I can post like everyone else : ( Bare with me, this post is going to long .. have so much to say. IT support came last week and he said I don't have a choice with the sercurity (Corp's policy) : ( : ( he'll try and give me flexiability once he get the go ahead, the "spy thing" and systems for staff(office & home) are very 'tied". IT copied everything from the hard drive(laptop & desktop, can they do that? I wonder...I'm "tech dumb").... no privacy : ( I'm sure .. IT will be able to read this. COL - Sorry about your af. Guess what ..Tuesday evening, I asked my Dh the same question .. what if we'll never have children? What are we going to do? I don't think your cycle has gone crazy .. mine are crazy, 33 to 56 days. And yesterday I was going to tell you're cycle is probably suffering from "jetlap" before your latest post and I'm so glad you're feeling better. Something for you on the moving house thing, if you believe it .. my cousin's wife actually said the area/house we stying in may have bad Feng Shiu .. therefore I mc last Aug & it hard for us to ttc. Her girlfriend was ttc for years and nothing happen, then... move to a different area, got pregnant ...3 months after moving into their new home : ) so moving maybe a positive/good thing : ) Anyway .. I'm not too fond of her, she said something nasty at a cousin's wedding, that's why it didn't cross my mind about moving house. COL & Val - I need to tell the both you this .. it's been "eating" me up. She(cousin's wife) was playing with her little girls(she has 2) while I watched, thinking to myself .. it'll be nice to have little girls to "doll up". Then .. straight in my face, she said(with a biggggg smile): "You envy, right!" . What was that surpose to mean? I was totally upset for quite a while : ( The whole family(including her) knew & was upset about my MC. Side tracking here...!COL, don't be sorry about being negative.. we all can be and we panic too. I'm quite sure Val will agree with me : ) We are only humans .. YES! YES! & YES complicated creatures. Please ... : ) : ) : ) not "the age thing", there are many women older than you at my physician's clinic seeking treatment, one just got pregnant at 45(1st pregnancy). I think seeing a naturpath will definately help plus the charting and fertility monitor/opk ver positive. Let us know what your naturpath says ... : ) so excited for you : ) Val - DON'T CARRY HEAVY THINGS, body still recovering my MC(especially you were further on with your last pregnancy, I was slightly less that 10 weeks), takes quite a while that what my physician said. In fact, she wanted me wait six months at least before ttc again but I didin't want to wait .....Should have taken her adivce : ( : ( ( So happy for you that things are fine with your Dh test. Why ?: ) do you need to change things. I FEEL , you've been taking lots of positive actions (finding out possible causes) totally good : ) I think ..sometimes, it's just pessimism. Yesterday morning, I cried the whole time and this morming woke up feeliing good, maybe it's the hormones again. It's cd17 for me and according to the charts & okp, I should ovulate between cd18 to cd21 and sign of CM yet. Maybe I messed up this cycle with stress :( Thanks the well wishes : ) I don't think I'll ovulate on time or not : ( so this month is probably out for me. Hope you ovulate soon and get a bfp. How's the Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) doing for you? I'm thinking of EPO too. Going to check with my physician about Wild Yam Roots supplements & EPO. Did I tell you? Some sites I read .. wild yam contains hormones like estrogen(for ovualtion) & progestrone(for implanation) or something and it's used to make synthetic progestrone, need to do more research cos there are some conflicting views. Clomid is definately out for the time being(my last resort after reading some sites on the side efffects) I need to ask the both of you about naturpath .. my physician said the are very much like TCM physician except they normally use herbs found in the west but some are also using chinese/asian herbs and doing accupunture too. Is she right? This post is getting too long. If you're interested, I'll send another post for some of the herbs that's in Dh's/my TCM concoction cos I found some the names in english.... sorry I took so long and let me know. Sorry ...I still have post new thread to talk to you, it's hard to follow, I know : ( I've been pushing IT, he's going to hate me : ) Hear from you soon : )Take care & God bless : ) : ) : )



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