Doctors Say It S Hopeless At 47

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youngatheart - March 12

I've made several calls to fertility clinics and they all say the same thing - the only way I'll get pregnant at this age with my FSH level (35) is to get an egg donation. I've found a place here in Los Angeles that claims they can make magic happen. I'm wary if they just want my money by telling me what I want to hear or if this is for real. Questions for anyone out there that has been through this - I'm concerned about birth defects if I do actually happen to get pregnant. Doctors say this is extremely risky as this age, always painting the picture of gloom and doom. Any comments? Anyone get pregnant without IVF at a late age? Someone I spoke to said IUI is just as successful as IVF at this point. Would love to hear some feedback on this.


Kristin72 - March 12

I don't know of anyone personally..but the movie stars seem to be doing it. ie: Genie Davis, Madonna, Holly Hunter. Also, a women 65 gave birth a couple of months ago in Europe. If you are still menstruating than you quite possibly are ovulating. The quality of your eggs is not that of a young woman but through IVF they seem to be able to determine egg quality. It can happen..Best of luck to you.


tryingx3 - March 13

I have a friend going through this and has not had success (2 IUI and 2 IVF)...number of eggs and quality are going down each time.


lovemy3 - March 13

I don't know much about IVF at all, and only a little about age and defects. It does get higher as we get older. I will be 38 in May and have been ttc#4 for over 1 yr with no luck and my fsh is 7.7 and still nothing. Don't give up hope, follow your heart and I wish you all the best! Big hugs and stay positive!


sososleepy - March 13

Hi youngatheart.. I'm wondering if you have a sister and several sisters-in-law in Florida? If so, I'm one of the latter, which is why I asked... might be time for me to make a phone call... how odd would it be if we found each other here lol! Nope, other than my sister-in-law, who's tried for some time without success, I don't, but I'm not sure if she was using her eggs. Sorry. Good luck though! Have they actually grabbed one of your eggs to see if it works?


suzpyle - March 18

I'm 47 and I can tell you there's NO other alternative except donor eggs. I am pregnant with twins in my 29th week (IVF with donor), and it is going very well. I didn't even try anything else (IUI, my own eggs), and leaped directly to the most realistic and most recommended procedure --egg donor. Other than the IVF, if you are healthy to begin with, you should be fine.


Bridget - March 20

My mother got PG naturally at a month shy of her 47th b-day and had my brother at 48 and he's just fine. I might add that she was an active alcoholic at the time and until he was born. The only reason I mention that is that she was not in the best of health (at her own hand, mostly) and she still managed to conceive a healthy child. I don't know anything about the FSH level because she was not even trying to get PG. Can't they just take a look at your eggs themselves and see if they can be fertilized and then implanted? Good luck and keep us posted.


sonia989 - March 20

I know this is not what you want to hear, but it's true that at your age the success rate is very very slim. Most clinics won't even do it if you're over 43 OR if your FSH is over 15, so 47 with FSH 35 is not a good combination. I went through 3 cycles and it's psychologically, emotionally and financially stressfull. In the end, we had to use donor sperm, but I am now 28 weeks with a baby boy. I would have been happy to use donor eggs if it meant I could reproduce the man I loved, even more than using my own eggs and donor sperm, but so it goes. It's still our baby. I know it's not ideal, but donor eggs are a good alternative. If you would consider adoption, why not donor eggs? I know several movie stars have had kids late, but they were mostly under 40 or in early 40's as far as I know, and some of them have used donors and surrogates too. The tabloids are sure to report pregnancies, but what can they say about failed cycles? Not much to tell there. Tabloid news paints an unrealistic picture. And even if a few celebrities have babies late, this is anecdotal evidence and doesn't represent your odds personally. I am only saying this to spare you the anguish of going through IVF cycles for nothing and throwing your money away, not to offend you. Please don't take it the wrong way. Fertility declines steeply after a certain point and that's just the way it is. I have a friend who started IVf at 41. At 45 and seven cycles later, she is going for an egg donor cycle. it's just too bad she had to take such a long hard road to get to this point.


oldermumtobe? - March 29

Young at heart...please keep trying..I am 47 and last year became pregnant again after 23 years of thinking I couldnt have another baby (blocked areas in tubes and no thyroid due to graves disease)....and it happened naturally...investigate, investigate and ask questions.....(i lost the baby because the obg did not give me enough thyroid hormone) trying again, and waiting to see right now if I am (i will be 48 in July)....!!!!


Annika - April 3

I am 47 years old and will be 48 in June. I am 10 weeks pregnant and thought I was going through menopause. It took the sonogram at 7 weeks to believe it! Feeling OK, some morning sickness and sleepiness. In two weeks we will do a transnuchal scan and an PAP-A blood test. Hope all goes well. My oldest daughter, 21 just had a baby. I was with her through labor and delivery. A grandmother and pregnant.Life can be such a surprise! I have three daughters and three months ago remarried to a man who has never his children. I hope my story gives you hope.


Our greatest gift - April 13

There is still hope in this forum is a girl named lillmamat dated 04/13/2007 she is pregnant and said her mother is pregnant and her mother is 48......


Dequom - June 8

Oldermomto be....yu said yu had block tubes....what did yu mean by that....I'm 29yrs old and I've trying to conceive for the past 2 years with no last pregnancy was 2 years ago where I had a miscarige and a DNC....I vistied a fetility clinic here in Barbados and the doctor told me not that my ovaries were block but that I had some scaring on my uterus which kind of blocked them so the sperm couldnt get to my ovaries....I had something called a Hycosy.....she said the only way I could conceive was to have an IUV....which is they would have to insert a tube through that litle thingy that you feel when yu wash yourself and inject my husbands sperm directly into me......if momtobe is there could someone else shed some light on this for me please


dodie - July 24

I am 42 this year and now pregnant- surprisingly. We didn't use anything to help us get there, totally natural. We have 8 children my thoughts are that eggs can be just fine, with a low FSH level, as I was told mine was low two years ago. I have a two year old, and was considered "older" and highrisk, and the OB wanted me to have the amniocentesis to rule out downs syndrome, etc, because he thought I had a low hormone count...I didn't want to risk my unborn child to anything, so refused the testing. After all, the outcome of the tests wouldn't change my love for my child, but might cause a miscarriage. I am sure to hear it all again with this pregnancy. My children are all healthy, and I left it in God's hands. My heart goes out to you, as women feel such tremendous pressures with issues of motherhood now days, that weren't there years ago. May God Bless YOU.


ConfuseD - July 25

I never had my FSH level checked, and got pregnant at a late 46, and had my fifth child at age 47 (the only complication I had was gestational diabetes, and it was managed just fine). Doctors did a good job putting a major spook into me and my husband. I hate to think what we considered, when given "risks", but THANK GOD ALMIGHTY we never pursued it. The little bundle of joy is now a very active 17-month old!! Put it in God's hands. If it's meant to be, it'll happen...without IVF.



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